Sell Art Online

How to Sell Art Online?

If you want to make money selling art online, you will need to prepare your resources and make the most of every possible opportunity and build a website with hosting to market your work. Here are some tips that will help you get started if you want to know how to sell art online.

Pricing of Artwork

Ask yourself how much you are willing to receive from the work you do. Estimating a price per artwork may be difficult. However, there are ways that make this easier such as gauging how many hours you’ve invested in making the art and how much the supplies you’ve used cost.

Newbies may have a hard time selling their work at a high price, especially when they feel that their art is worth that much. This leads them to undersell themselves and lower prices to accommodate clients. The tactic may not always work though. But you could let clients decide how much they can pay for a piece, provided they fall under reasonable considerations.

However, this is also risky because customers hold greater bargaining power than you do. Regardless of what selling tactic you would use, be prudent in how you price the work you do, and see how your clients could respond to it and just adjust along the way.

Consider Your Level of Skill

It is a bad idea to undersell yourself but to oversell yourself is much worse. You must prove your worth in the online market. Start small and see where that leads you.

But you need to be more exposed in order for people to recognize your skill level. At the same time, consider your need to market yourself as someone who can take on projects for different clients. Take the plunge when necessary and sell yourself as a capable artist online.

Incorporate Contract Agreements

You need to be wary of customers who may not be willing to pay you. This is where the value of writing contracts or agreements come in handy. This should be legally binding. There are some formats that you can follow on a lot of web hosting sites.

Make use of a contract agreement to secure yourself. Make sure that the terms in your agreement are specific so that the client is able to expect and understand what his responsibilities are. You must also disseminate information about the said legalities to your clients so that they will not raise any protest.

Sign a Contract Agreement Before Selling your Art

Your contract must be notarized as much as possible, but if you cannot, you can at least make sure it is duly recognized by signing it. This can work with two signatures from adults and a date for the document to be a legal contract.

Prepare Your Budget

Prepare enough money to fund any possible expenses you might face. You need enough capital, at the very least, to sustain your online business. There are going to be times clients will not keep their word and not pay you. So, in case this happens, your back-up funds can help you stay afloat.

These are just some simple tips, but they’re effective, especially for starting artists. Remember, starting is always hard, but when you get the hang of the business you’ll see that it will flourish.

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