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The Best Ceiling Fans for Your Art Studio

Gerardo Correa
July 12, 2019 0 Comment

Summer breezes can come indoors with these top-of-the-line choice ceiling fans like the ones made by Crestar Fans. Here is a list to help you select the most ideal and comfortable fans you will need.

Hunter 51059 42” Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

This model can bring a cool breeze into a bedroom. At 42 inches with five 20-inch blades, it can produce enough cool air for you to have a good night sleep. This fan is also rather quiet, as the only sound it produces will come from the air circulated all around the room.

The air can also be sent upwards with its motor. It can be triggered with a pull chain, and you can easily choose the speed it can go. This is ideal for areas with low humidity and can work for art studios as well, considering that it has an airflow capacity that can reach up to 2902 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Prominence Home Low Profile 42” Ceiling Fan

The Prominence ceiling fan gives a classical aura about it and can be a great set piece for an art studio. At 42 inches, it can circulate enough air to reach 350 square feet. This is another model good for bedrooms and small spaces.

It has wooden blades with a brushed nickel look to it. You can choose how you want the blades to be decorated to match the aesthetic of your room. The motor the fan uses is called WhisperQuiet, and the name fits because of how little sound it produces.

It also comes with three speeds and can be reversed to pull up cold air to make the room warmer and cozier. With its low-profile design, it doesn’t actually seem intimidating to add into the house. Finally, the fan has a source of light, meaning that you will not need to set up any bulbs on the top.

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44” Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze is small and can be used for offices. It has the ability to effectively control the temperature of a room while giving off a modernistic vibe to it. The fan has three speeds for preference and comes with a handy remote control which can be used from a good enough distance.

Like the other models, it can be used during the winter season by using the reverse motor to move the cool air up for the area to be warmer.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 52” Ceiling Fan

This fan is light in terms of budget yet powerful enough in its ability to cool the entire room during a hot day. The WhisperWind motor provides adequate wind power and minimal noise. This can also go in reverse if you want to bring up cool air to warm your winter night.

It has two 60W incandescent bulbs placed inside a much larger light bulb for good lighting. The pull chain on the fan is used to control the speed and turn the unit on and off with ease.