Truth or Dare" Movie

The Art Behind the “Truth or Dare” Movie

great truth or dare questions, even better dares is another horror flick by Blumhouse, the studio responsible for Paranormal Activity (2007), The Purge series, the Oscar-nominated, Get Out (2017), and the 2017 hit, Happy Death Day.  It is about a group of college kids that brought back a cursed deadly game of truth or dare from their spring break in Mexico.

The premise is simple – a demon possesses a game of truth or dare and forces the players to reveal a dark secret or complete dare.  If you refuse to play the game, you die.  Those who didn’t play were granted painful deaths such as getting their neck snapped on a bar table or shooting themselves.

Our main protagonist is Olivia played by actress Lucy Hale.  Instead of helping out at the Habitat for Humanity, she is forced by her best friend, Markie (played by actress Violett Beane) to go to Mexico for their spring break.  Over there, she meets Carter (played by actor Landon Liboiron), a good-looking stranger who offers her a drink and entices the group to continue the party at an abandoned monastery.

Carter initiates a truth or dare game.  It felt like an ordinary party game until it was carter’s turn.  After choosing truth, he reveals that he tricked Olivia and her friends into playing the game to save his own life and that he has no issue with passing on the curse and seeing others die.  Weird doesn’t start to happen yet, but it certainly awakened something malevolent, and they’ll only get to realize this after they got home.  And soon enough, the ones who played back in Mexico experienced terrifying hallucinations where people around them suddenly utter new challenges to keep the game going, and they do this with creepy facially distorted grins.

What makes this film artistic lies in the premise itself – the truth or dare games that bring out the moral dilemma in our protagonists.  The directors are given a huge challenge bringing out the scare bound within PG 13 limits.  The truth or dare games that the demonic entity lets them play have devastating consequences not just with physical torment, but also threatening to tear apart Olivia and Markie’s friendship.

The examples of dares crafted with morbid creativity are as follows:  One character was dared to walk along the edge of a roof while drinking a whole bottle of vodka.  Another was forced to point a gun at his father who was a police officer and make him beg for his life. Others were tasked to set someone on fire, break a friend’s hand with a hammer, murder their best friend.

The demon-possessed game is intelligent and exploits the weaknesses of the players.  The other dares were created to ruin lives such as sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend, or reveal the dark secret you’ve been keeping for a long time and you can’t get away from the threat either just by playing truth all the time.  The game takes on an evil twist and ups the stakes by adding a rule in which if a player chooses truth, the other must choose dare.

It might not be as gruesome as the other Blumhouse horror hits, but still a crowd-pleaser because of its artistically twisted charm.

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