We all have different tastes, but one thing we can attest to is that we all love music. It could be you prefer jamming to reggae, or love listening to classics. Whatever your preference is, you need an audio system which sounds great in every room of your house which is handpicked by RDA experts. Chances are, you have tried many audio products, but none delivers the quality of sound you need. Have you tried the multi-room audio system yet?

What is it?

A multi-room audio system enables you to listen to music in different rooms. There are different multi-room systems, some which even allow you to play different songs, for different places simultaneously.

Multi-room audio systems are wireless and mostly controlled through an app. The music you play could be from your collection or originate from a streaming service. You will need to have a speaker or more for each room you would like to hear music from.

How a multi-room audio system makes music listening fun

First, the system can consolidate your music components, and convert it to a simple to use the device by distributing each song to different rooms in your house. Therefore, you can create a playlist as you cook in the kitchen; as someone else listens to hip hop in the backyard. Alternatively, you can listen to the same jam in the whole house. Fun, isn’t it?

Second, it is convenient and straightforward to control. Unlike other audio systems which involve buttons and numerous audio equipment, you can manage your multi-room system using android devices. You can check what song is playing on your mobile phone, and tap next. The user interface is friendly.

Third, there are numerous multi-room audio options to choose from. The most common is the primary system, which you can buy and install by yourself and the most complex one being those which need professional installation. You can also choose between a hardwired or wireless audio system.

Fourth, the only physical components for your audio system will be the speakers. You don’t have to worry about large elements which could take up space or even clutter your home. Besides, you can have the speakers installed in a way that will blend with your home décor. For instance, you can request a professional installer to build the speakers into a wall, to make them invisible.

Why you should opt for professional installation

To achieve the perfect sound with a multi-room audio system, it will take precision, craftsmanship, and skill. Therefore, we recommend seeking professional installation because the speaker placement matters.

After installation, the installer will have to work on the calibration of each speaker to achieve optimal audio performance. The perfect calibration depends on various factors such as the type of the wall, carpeting, furniture, and window shades.

Recommendations for multi-room audio systems

There are different models which come in different sizes and shapes. The main audio products in the market that we would recommend are;



Denon Heos


Apple AirPlay2

Google Chromestat


The idea of listening to music across different rooms is now easier than before. Multi-room audio systems offer unbeatable services. The convenience, versatility, and ease of use that comes with the system make it suitable for every home. Remember to seek professional installation for better sound quality.

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