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Step by Step Guide on How to Draw Goku


Everyone who watches anime knows of Son Goku from best Dragon ball z merchandise. After all, Dragon Ball Z is a legendary cartoon, and Goku is a very iconic character. In this article, we’ll be learning how to draw this very iconic character. If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball universe, then you’ll want to know how to bring your favorite character to life.

Let’s go on to the guide:

  1. Lightly draw a circle in the middle of the paper. This will be the basis for the head.
  2. Right below the circle, start with the chin. Do this by drawing a curved line with a flat base to resemble Goku’s chin and jaw.
  3. Draw a line in the center to split his face into two. This will give you a guide on where to draw the parts of the face.
  4. At both sides of the jaw area, draw two vertical lines to represent the neck. Goku’s neck is a little bit thick, especially if he’s in fight mode. So you can make it thicker.
  5. At the bottom part of the first circle (right above the v-shaped chin and jaw), draw two eyes. The eyes will be long, triangle shapes.
  6. On the same line, draw the ears on the outer parts of the head.
  7. Inside the eyes, draw two half circles to show his angry eyes.
  8. Add some lines under the eyes just for detail’s sake.
  9. Add some eyebrows on the top of the eyes.
  10. Right below the eyes and on the line that goes through the head, draw a nose.
  11. Right below the nose, draw a line to represent the mouth. If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can draw an open mouth with clenched teeth to show that Goku will transform into the Super Saiyan form.
  12. When drawing the hair, start by drawing the bangs.
  13. When the bangs are done, draw the left side of the hair.
  14. After that, draw the right side (you’ll probably need a model of Goku to get the hair right). Take note that the hair is way bigger than the face, so take note of that.
  15. Add a few more lines for details. Fill in some ear lines and some necklines to truly get the look of Goku.
  16. After that, you can color your drawing. For the skin, use flesh-colored markers or colored pencils. For the hair and the eyes, use black colored pencils and markers.


As you can see, it’s actually not that hard to draw Goku. As long as you have a model of Goku beside you (or even a picture) and these steps, you should have no problem. Try to also experiment with various facial expressions. The hair and the head remains the same, but the face will change a bit depending on what kind of expression you want Goku to have. You can even try drawing his Super Saiyan 1 form next, but that’s another story.

Hoping you will have fun drawing this iconic character!

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