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Is Live Streaming the Next Stage for Performance Art?

In the world that is constantly changing, it is inevitable to keep the things the way they are. The world is advancing and so are the people. In the digital era of film streaming, the world is now open to technological development and also supports the idea that future things will all be based on technology itself. Many people find it amusing, but others feel anxious about it.

In addition to it, if things are being well-developed, so is art.

Art has a very wide history. Time after time, it changes and adapts to the happenings over centuries. William Shakespeare once explained on his poetic metaphor that people are merely actors and that the world is the stage. But at this age, how will the actors play? Will there still be theaters and stadiums for them to use? In the world of smartphones, internet connection, and cameras, what would be the future of performance art?

As online film streaming and music streaming ascended, traditional performance art has been affected. There may be a disadvantage to theatre and live concerts as the convenience of technology attracted people. Meanwhile, with the thought of live streaming, can it be the next stage for performance art?

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming started in East Asia where different personalities interact with their audience in front of a camera. It became a trend to a lot of celebrities, so huge companies also dove in. They work independently in studios, rooms, or anywhere with a webcam. With its fame, it has created a big platform for people to perform live while interacting with their viewers.

This strategy also attracted huge companies since they can easily use it on social media with a bigger audience. One research company found out that the live streaming industry will be worth $16 billion by 2020.

Live Streaming as Performance Art’s Stage

Live streaming is indeed being used and tracked down by users and viewers. Now, can it also be the next stage for performance art in the digital era? Let’s find it out by reading the following:

  • Live streaming is being sponsored by huge companies. Users considered as the performers are being paid after showcasing themselves in front of a camera. The users or the performers are also called “social livestream stars”. These stars are the artists of live streaming.
  • Live streaming can also be used for big performances. This way, the performance is a common way of advertising it. It is also an idea that art is adapting and making adjustments for the internet culture. One of the projects like this is the National Theatre Live wherein they broadcast productions which can also get commissions after the streaming.
  • Live streaming has an audience. Indeed, art needs an audience. Like what has been mentioned above, live streaming engages both the performers and the viewers. Through this, art is being showcased by the stars.


Change is inevitable indeed. Art is one of those things that are being affected. But with its uniqueness, it can adapt through the use of live streaming. It can’t be a bad thing for most people, and keeping the traditional way is no harm as well. The social livestream stars may not be performing on stage, but for them, the camera and internet are their stages.

Overall, in the world of online film streaming and music streaming, live streaming can be the stage for performance art.

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