Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Picasso: Painting the Blue Period | June 27 to September 20, 2020

A major exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso will be coming to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)Picasso: Painting the Blue Period will feature paintings, sculpture and works on paper that captured and probed modern life and its many discontents. The exhibition will combine art history and cutting-edge science to reveal new insights into the artist’s working method and sources.

Illusions: The Art of Magic | February 22 to May 17, 2020

At the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Illusions: The Art of Magic will transport you back to the time of the Golden Age of Magic when death-defying tricks, daring escapes and colourful personas turned performers like The Incomparable Albini and Harry Houndini into world-famous celebrities.

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