Musical Instruments

Craft Ideas for Musical Instruments

Life is so much more fun and colorful with music in it. Learning musical instruments can be so much fun at the same time improves how your brain processes. People appreciate music as much as they love gifting it. You can find gift ideas at JoshGoot and much more creating stuff. You may also start to build a family band by creating some homemade instruments at home. Your kids would love playing on different things; therefore, these crafted musical instruments will definitely entertain them. If your family is musically inclined, you might want to check some DIY musical instruments you can make without buying expensive ones.

Aside from the fun it gives, music can be beneficial as it can improve one’s critical, emotional, and mental health. Thus, below are some craft ideas you might want to make at home.

Can Drum

One easy way to create a drum is by using any can. You may also decorate the can to make it more pleasing. To partner the drum, you can also use any sticks to create sound or use your hand. To create a sound, you have to strike your hand of two sticks to the can.


Maracas is one of the simplest instruments to use as well as a very simple instrument to create. Use a recycled bottle and place a couple of rocks or any beans you can put inside it. By shaking the bottle you can already create a sound just like real maracas does.

CD Cymbals

You can make good use of your unused CDs. You can attach a string to create a handle for you to hold on to.

Singing Straws

You can create a pan flute using big straws. Stick the straws using glue to create a pan, make sure the straws don’t have the same height. Blowing into them will create a sound.

Paper Plate Tambourine

If you have extra paper plates left from a party, you may want to use them as a tambourine. To achieve a tambourine like sound, just attach a few bells all over the plate. To use them tap the center part to produce sound.

Box Guitar

Boxes can be used to create a lot of stuff such as guitar. To create a guitar all you need is any box and a few rubber bands. A cereal or shoebox will do the magic. Cut a hole at the center of the box and attach the rubber band to the band. Also, make sure to tape on the sides of the box to seal openings.

Water Xylophone

If you want to create an instrument that creates a lot of sounds, you might want to make a water xylophone. All you need are water glasses filled with water unevenly. To produce different sounds, use a spoon to tap the glasses.

Cardboard Trumpet

You can also make a musical instrument out of paper. With paper, glue, and scissors, you can make your own trumpet. Just roll out your paper, create a trumpet-like shape, and add a rolled paper and the end.

These few homemade Instruments are super easy to make at home; plus, all the materials needed are just found in your household. Aside from being fun to make, you can also learn how to reuse some of your unused items at home.

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