Mushroom Handpan

DIY Mushroom Handpan Stand Ideas

A handpan is a musical instrument that is known to be the subset of a steelpan. Since I got my handpan from Handpan Guru, there have been many manufacturers have become known. The handpan was created as an alternative to a known musical instrument called the Hang.

As the years go by, many musicians have been inclined to use handpans, and with that, many musicians have been looking for a handpan stand that is cost-efficient. Handpans with stands are costly, and some even take time and effort to put together. That being said, here are some DIY mushroom hanpan stand ideas.

Mushroom Handpan Stand using a bucket

If you have been looking for ways to reuse an old and unused bucket at home, then transforming it into a mushroom handpand stand is a great way to recycle it. Here are the things you will need.

Fiberfill sheet

Old Bucket

Muslin Cloth or any cloth you prefer

Staple Gun



Clean the bucket and remove the bucket handle, as much as possible, use a bucket that does not rust.

Dry the bucket. You can let it dry in the air, use a dry cloth to wipe the excess water, or use a hairdryer. If you are using a bucket made of plastic, make sure

You do not put too much heat on it while using a hairdryer, too much heat can deform the plastic.

Wrap a thin layer of fiberfill sheet around the pail. Use the staple gun to fasten it to the pail.

Wrap the muslin cloth around the bucket. Leave an extra inch of cloth on top of the bucket as well as the bottom.

Tuck the extra cloth inside the bucket using a staple gun. Do the same at the bottom.

Put the handpan on top of the pail.

Wooden Spool Handpan Stand

A great way to reuse large wooden spools is to make it into a handpan stand. Wooden spools come in different varieties and sizes. So find a wooden spool that is appropriate to the size of your handpan. Here are the things you will need:



Wooden spool


Clean and dry the wooden spool.

Paint the spool. Use any paint color that you wish. You can paint the spool with your favorite painting. Decorate it with paint the way you want it to be.

Let the paint dry.

Put the handpan on top of the spool.

Concrete Pier Forms Handpan Stand

Concrete pier forms are sturdy and easy to find. They are available in most of the leading hardware stores around you. Things you will need:

Concrete Pier Form

Felt Paper

Fiberfill sheet



Wrap a fiberfill sheet around the concrete pier form, use a staple gun to attach it.

Wrap a felt paper around the concrete pier, leave an extra inch of felt on both ends.

Tuck the extra felt inside the concrete pier form

You can decorate the spool with other felt paper with different colors. You can cut the felt paper into different patterns and glue it into the concrete pier form.

Put the handpan on top.


If you are on a budget, making your handpand stand is your way to go. The beauty of a DIY handpan stand is that you can personalize your mushroom stand the way you want it.

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