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Emergency was a non-alcohol rock club that existed on M Street in Georgetown, three doors from the Biograph, during the late Sixties and early Seventies. The club was a harbor for Washington's subculture and a place to break new artistic ground. The rocumentary touches on the artistic lives and the comradery of the people that passed through Emergency's door. The video also recounts the forming of Woodwind, Washington's first arts and music newspaper.

The Wammie Award winning piece, produced by Maria Villafana, includes live footage, photographs and posters of bands such as Crank, Fat City, Desdemona, Fallen Angels, Claude Jones, Sageworth & Drums, Stillroven, and Itchy Brother; all of whom reformed for the 20th Emergency Reunion held in April 1991.

[Emergency Reunion] [Claude Jones] [Edison Electric] [American Dream] [Catfish] [Boomerang] [Buffalongo] [Crank] [Elizabeth] [Grin] [Hamilton Face Band] [Greg Kihn] [Lydia Pense] [Rockin' Foo] [Sageworth & Drums] [Emmylou Harris] [Grits] [Stillroven] [Shanti] [Sky Cobb] [Wet Willie] [Emergency Friends]