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Saludos para todos los que haceis posible que esa voz se escuche en todo
el mundo...emi (san sebastian) spain. agur


This posting was made by EMI on July 2, 2006


Just wanted to let you know her music still touches me every time I hear
it, and I am so glad someone thought to record her before it was too late.
I just wish there was more.

I am also really appreciative of the range and variety of her choice of
song. I never knew I liked so many genres of music. I think she created
truly her own genre. There has never been in my opinion, a voice as big as
this one.

Karen Lindeman

This posting was made by Karen Lindeman on May 8, 2006


I first heard "Fields of Gold" in 2002 when watching Michelle Kwan skate
to it. I was so taken by her voice and wanted to find out who she was but
I never had the oppurtunity. That was four years ago and I never found
out until the other night  while looking for a graduation song to dedicate
to my son. I just wanted to let you all know that this was one of the
most requested songs out.  I bought her album today and when I read that
she had died I felt a great loss.  I really believe singers and song
writers have a way of touching our lives through their music.  Eva Cassidy
was one of them.......

Her biggest fan
GenNai Milner

This posting was made by Joseph Fielding on April 23, 2006


what a sin she was taken so early......................what  a
voice..........she beats them all.

Joseph Fielding

This posting was made by Joseph Fielding on April 16, 2006

Talk with Eva Fans

PetitePoet -- a young fan from Grosse Pointe, Michigan -- has started a
new Eva discussion site. Join her and other Eva fans at:

If you’re not already a member of livejournal.com, you’ll have to
register.  Go to the main page at: http://www.livejournal.com and select
“Create an Account.” The whole process takes a minute or two, and it’s
really easy.

Then go straight to the discussion group through the first link mentioned


This posting was made by Maria Villafana on April 14, 2006

Dear Maria,

So many words have been spoken, so many written about Eva Cassidy. Words, who hardly can express what most people feel, when listing to the first words sung. It is this crystal clear voice, wrapped in that enormous sensitivness, which makes longing immediately for a better world. Getting caught in a web of thoughts and dreams by that cloud of twindling words, voice, melody.

Every word sung, every note played is a piece of art in it self. Being this kind of extaordinary person, can't be ordered at a shop. It is the result of her environment, letting her to evolve as she wanted to be. Her family and friends - gifted people, who allowed a flower to blossom.

Listening to Eva's music, I feel like standing next to her. That is what her music is perhaps all about. She always has this empty spot next to her and the listener is invited to stand next to her and be part of her performance.

It only happened once before, that I have this kind of metaphysical mindset when listening to music, as I do have, when listening to Eva's music.

Willi Schindler
Munich, Germany

This posting was made by Willi Schindler on March 25, 2006


A New Fan

I was just turned on to Eva's soulful voice and music.

I had no idea who she was... but now i will never forget her.

I just recently had a bout with Cancer.

Now I am paying more attention to my family ( one son is a recording artist  of sorts)

I shall buy her CD ...I need to... it's not an option anymore to silence a soul in flight.

Colts Neck, N.J.

This posting was made by Michael on February 6, 2006

Her Music Was a Blessing to My Dad


I hope that you are able to take the time to read this letter of THANKS. I am sure that you have read thousands of letters, such as mine, of thanks. I am not sure how often you read through your mail, but I just wanted to take some time to thank you for sharing Eva's music with the world.

I never heard of Eva until a week or so before 9/11. My daughter, at the time was almost fourteen years old. She sang along to the CD, which a friend of hers just bought for her, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I was absolutely blown away. My mom was an opera singer years ago and I was raised listening to every type of music you could imagine. I, like Eva, am extremely shy. Eva, unlike myself, could over come getting in front of a crowd. Sarah, my daughter, has an excellent voice and does not feel nauseated in front of a crowd-ha-ha.

I had her call my mom and dad, who live in Montana and we are in Kansas, on 9/11. Sarah and I were in the car driving home at the time. I looked over at her when the song was about over and a tear was running down Sarah's face. When she was done singing and then finished talking to my mom, she did not hand me my phone back. I asked her why she did not let me talk to my mom and she said "Well she was crying and she said she would talk to you later". My mom is like a rock. For her to cry at that moment just shows how much music touches our lives on a daily basis.

Since that day, past four years now, my dad started his battle with cancer. On May 12, of this year, we lost a great man. About three weeks before he passed, my husband, daughter and myself went to Montana to see him one last time. Sarah brought Eva's CD.

When we got there, I was refreshing my mom's memory over the time Sarah sang to her on the phone. She wanted to hear the CD. My dad always surprised me with his love of music. In fact, he would wake up singing Good Morning Sunshine. We all gathered in the family room, we helped dad out of the bedroom to be with us, my brother, son, daughter, my husband and mom. I taped the evening we spent that night with my dad. Sarah was half way through the song Wade in the Water, before my son stopped her and said wait a minute. He took the CD into another room and came out about 5 minutes later with his guitar. He told all of us, I got it do not play the CD, Sarah started singing, my son played the guitar and my brother started to sing along in bass.

After they were done with the song, my dad had tears in his eyes and asked who's CD was it. After she was done, dad asked her about the CD. She explained the whole story of Eva. My dad was so blessed that evening having his family there with him and the bonus was to be touched by Eva's music. Sarah then sang the song Autumn Leaves, which of course had us all in tears. My daughter left the CD for my dad when we left to go home to Kansas, all knowing we would be back so soon for his funeral.

My son, Kristofer, stayed to help my mom. Mom told me the night he passed away, he was so restless in the bed because of the pain. She then told me dad had been listening to Eva's CD often since we had left. Then she told me that Kristofer went into say goodbye to my dad knowing he was not going to make it through the night. When he was leaving my dad's side, he put Eva's CD on for my dad. My mom told me that within just a few moments of the CD starting, my dad became calm and shortly after the CD was finished, he passed away.

We had a wake the night before his funeral. At the wake, we allowed people to get up and share memories of my dad. What a wonderful tribute that was for him. There were at least 100 people at his wake and over 300 at his funeral. After three hours of people sharing at the wake, my mom finally had me get up and thank everyone. I am sure we would have been there many hours more. My mom asked Sarah and my son Kristofer sing and play Wade in the Water. I wish you could understand how much Eva's music has touched my whole family. I am sure of this, my dad has found Eva where they are both now, and has told her what her music meant to him and his family.

My mom was here for Christmas. It was a very difficult time for all of us, especially not hearing my dad's laughter through out the house. I have thought about replacing the CD many times since he died. I guess I was not quite ready to hear it again for fear of the pain. Well I did go and by the Songbird CD 3 days ago. After listening to it 6 times through to finish, I went back to the store and purchased all of her Cd's except for Live at Blues Alley. I can not find it any where in town. But I am going to get it on-line.

I believe things happen for a reason. Sarah hearing about Eva at the age of fourteen and the love that Sarah has for her music is the best gift my dad could ever have been given. Thank you and I hope you feel my gratitude.

I hope this reaches you with a blessing to you.

Shawneen Hawley

This posting was made by Shawneen Hawley on January 6, 2006

Beautiful and Heartfelt Voice, From An Admirer of Eva's Voice

Hey,folks,@Eva's Site, I was asked to listen to a live CD, of Eva Cassidy by a fellow singer Named Glenda Rae. wwwglendarae.com, I was truly moved by what i heard Eva like so many talented artist out there had this unmistakable voice that grabbed my very heart, and made me take note of what singing is and should be with a person that is gifted or blessed to possess it. Beautiful is all i could think and a true blessing to anyone that encounters her soaring depths of melody. I just had to check her site and respond . I'm sure i'll pass the word around as to her gift and hopefully she'll touch others with her voice that deserve to be heard, Thanks Eva you made my Day.

Mike taylor

This posting was made by Mike Taylor on December 23, 2005

Eva's Visit

I wrote the attached during the last few days. I thought fans of Eva Cassidy might enjoy reading it.

Today, Thanksgiving, Eva Cassidy visited me, and, as she played her guitar and sang, my loneliness and dread were lifted.

While she sang, sometimes sitting and sometimes standing, with autumn sun on her blond hair, I remembered hearing her that first time five or seven years ago and knowing that I would never care that her music is much more lovely than mine.

A few times, our eyes met, and I glimpsed a wistful smile hinting of gentleness, generosity, humility, and courage.

I must not say that she is the only woman for me, for I will never hold her or dance with her or see her in the morning, drinking her tea as her feet in fuzzy orange slippers caress the coffee table. But she is the only singer for me. She is surely the only singer for me.

She sang on as I wandered about, making my house more beautiful. How could I not think of beauty while hearing her as the late fall sunlight flooded in?

After hours intoxicated by her and her music, I stole away to play nine holes of golf. Still, as I walked along, her voice echoed wondrously in my head and heart. On the last green, behind my house, I heard her whisper, "Stroke it gently, and it will fall." I did, and it fell.

Home again, I listened intently, and her song swelled again-down the hall and up the stairwell.

As afternoon faded to dusk, she looked out the sliding glass door and said, "If you need me again, I will come and sing for you." Then she opened the door and was gone.

John M. Memory
John Memory was in the 1960s a member of a folksinging group, "The Huntsmen," who sang at the Cellar Door in D.C. and recorded in Nashville.

This posting was made by John M. Memory on December 23, 2005

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