• Antique Gazebo, acrylic on wood ,outdoor wall hanging, 1984, Tersh and Sally
      Boasberg, Washington,DC
  • "Party Animals", DC commission on the Arts and Humanities, 2002, city arts
      project of donkeys and elephants painted by artists
  • Murals, Private Resident, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., 2003
  • Mural, "The Tiger's Garden", Carr Enterprises/ Quincy Park Condominium, 2004
  • "White House Christmas Tree Ornament" representing Washington, D.C., Christmas 1998
  • "Washington Carrousel," - an edition of prints for the National Cathedral School, Washington, D.C.,
        March 1985
  • "The First Ladies Garden," -acrylic on paper commissioned by the White house Staff for
       Mrs. Ronald Reagon
  • Christmas Card for Vice-President and Mrs. Walter Mondale, 1982
  • "Sun House," "Moon House," "Flower Hills I "Flower Hills II," prints commissioned by the
       Marriott Corporation, 1980
  • "Cover America," a poster commissioned by the Women's Equity Action League,
       May, 1978- 10th Anniversary
  • Three Drawings, acrylic on paper, commissioned by Consumer Federation Of America, May, 1976
  • "Harmony," a print commissioned by Committee to Elect Muskie President, January 1975
  • "Thru Their Eyes," a print commissioned by Carlyle, Arlington, Virginia, April 1975
  • "Feeling Good," a print commissioned by the BLK Group, for portfolio Equal Opportunity is the Law, 1973
  • "Your World, My World," a book for young environmentalists, published by the Environmental
       Protection Agency, 1973
  • Four editions of prints for Half Moon Bay, Antigua, commissioned by Hugh Jacobson, 1973
  • "What if," a coloring book, published by Workshop, Inc., 1972
  • Washington Preschools: Invitation and Poster for annual benefit, 1971-1974
  • "Rainbow Tree," a print commissioned by Marvin Gersten, 1971
  • Rock Concert Posters commissioned by New Era Concerts, Inc., Mike Schreibman, 
  • "Sometimes," a print commissioned by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, December 1970
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