Download Sites and Links

Pam's songs can now be individually downloaded at many different internet sites. Individual songs are available for 99 cents or less!
The complete CD is also available for less than $10. No need to wait! Some of the sites have links directly to Pam's music (provided below),
others require that you download a jukebox first. In either event, you'll likely need to download some software to be able to download Pam's music.
The sites will walk you through the relatively painless process, if you haven't done it already. Those of you with IPods are ready to go!
(Of course, for those who prefer the CD with the insert and lyrics, you can still order the CD directly from Pam at this site,,, etc..)

P.S. - It would great if you could e-mail Pam if you use one of these services and let her know what you think about the brave new world!
  1. MSN Music

  2. Yahoo Music

  3. MusicMatch

  4. Apple iTunes

  5. MP3tunes

  6. Rhapsody

  7. Napster (yes even Napster is now legit!)