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Read what musicians, producers and the media have to say about Pam's music:
"[Pam Steinfeld] is a fine songwriter, celebrating her new CD 'Open Hands.' The lighthearted material talks about real life with an easy charm."
- Eric Brace

"[Pam] can sing sweetly with that perfect lilt that is hard to master. Her songs are well crafted. Her guitar work fits perfectly with her voice. Look out Mary Chapin."
- Laurin Wollin
, Music Monthly

"Open Hands" is a CD filled with lovely melodies and great musicianship as well as Pam's clear strong voice and fabulous songwriting.
- Amy

"Pam's songs can be playful without being cute, serious without being maudlin. She sports a wisdom and appreciation of those things in life to which we are glad we're tethered. Her voice has an earnest charm not unlike a Carly Simon or a Carolyn Hester."
- Jon Carroll
, keyboardist and vocalist for Mary Chapin Carpenter

"Pam Steinfeld, contemporary folk singer/songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, writes songs oriented toward relationships, friends, and family.   Her lyrics delve deep into the DNA of life. . . . Pam's vocals are strong, resonating and sustaining, and she sounds a lot like Joni Mitchell and Mary Chapin Carpenter."
- Diane Gibbs
, Old Town Crier

Pam has written "lovely melodies" and her music is "mesmerizing."
- V. Diann Devart
, The Gazette - Frederick City

Steinfeld "has a great new album out."
- Courier News (serving Central New Jersey)

'Open Hands' is "polished, professional and a delight to listen to. . . . Pam certainly has her own voice, but it's probably safe to say that Lucy Kaplansky, Carly Simon, Karen Taylor-Good and Mary Chapin-Carpenter all met in the middle someplace and out came Pam. . . . Pam plays a pretty mean piano herself on several tunes -- ranging from quiet and reserved to punchy and energetic . . . . This is one CD where everything fits together so nicely it's hard at times to notice the parts. The clarity, lyrics, instrumentation and overall great feel linger long after the listening is over."
- Les Reynolds

"I really like this song ... Really, really good."
- John Jennings
, producer for Mary Chapin Carpenter, about "Sketching Marcia"

"Pam is a talented writer whose music is a unique blend of folk and pop."
- Susan Graham White, Washington Area Music Association Songwriter of the Year (1993)and Big Bay Records recording artist

"['Have You Noticed?'] is 'hopeful,' 'pitchable,' and 'cool.'"
- Fred Koller,
writer of three #1 Kathy Mattea hits

"I wish I'd written this."
- John Wicks, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter of The Records, about "Before You Came Around"


"Sketching Marcia" is more than a song  --  it's also a short story set to music. Pam Steinfeld melodically underscores any number of feelings that swirl around the mind's eye while switching emotive gears seamlessly; a slice of lyrical and musical poetry that pervades long after the physical hearing is over.
- George F. Maida,
WCVE-FM Richmond, VA, "The Electric Croude"

"OPEN HANDS" has intelligent, well thought-out lyrics, as well as nice melodies.   I selected "Each and Every Dream" and "The Boston Song" to open one of my shows because they are musically bright and lively.   My favorite is "Apology."   So much stuff coming out is way over produced for my taste, and your CD is a refreshing exception.
- Ray Baumler,
WRUR Rochester, NY


  • the Journal newspaper chain printed a review of the CD ("stellar compositions")
  • the Gazette ran a 2-page interview of Pam
  • Washington Jewish Week ran a wonderful article on the CD.
  • the Cape Gazette featured Pam and Richie Havens before the Rehoboth Folk Festival.
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