The 14th Annual

The 14th Annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest Awards Gala

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2nd Overall - Carla Ulbrich (Clemson, SC - 3rd from left above)

1st Overall - Deborah Levoy and Josh Coleman (Menlo Park, CA - not pictured)

Click for a larger Dave!
Grand Prize - David Scheiber (St. Petersburg, FL)

If you missed the SAW Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest Awards at IOTA Club & Café, you missed something special. Many thanks go to our contest sponsors, the staff and management of IOTA Club and Cafe, and all of the volunteers, performers, and attendees. We couldn't have pulled it off without you. Our congratulations go to all the winners!

Take a look at profiles of the winners, or download The 14th Annual MASC Official Winner's List (93K zipped Word 95 doc)

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