Cross Town Arts aims to create a space where contemporary arts can flourish and connect a diverse range of people.

We are a multidisciplinary, contemporary arts organisation that wants to cultivate the creativity of the people in Memphis. We help create opportunities and resources to fulfill the ideals and visions of our local artists and the audience. Aside from that, we foster the artistic development of the people whether they are established, emerging, or even aspiring artists.

Here in Cross Town Arts, we manage spaces and programs which allow exhibits, educational events, production, retail, and performance. We partner with artists and other organisations in order to attain our mutual goals and showcase a rich cultural experience. Anyone is welcome to join our projects or events, regardless of expertise or experience.

Cross Town Arts is the co-founder, co-developer, and tenant of the Cross Town Arts Center which was formerly known as Sears. We have a suite on the second floor, specifically Suite 280, where we convene to spearhead future projects and events and give artistic opportunities to anyone who is interested.

The founders and staff of Cross Town Arts organisation, with the support of the locals, other organisations, and various professionals, came together to create a place where everyone can share their love of art. In order to attain that vision, we provide the public with access to shops, encourage the public to share a meal with resident artists, offers residencies for any visiting or local artists, provide a theater for film screenings and live performances, and many more.

The organisation is a place where people who share a common goal in propagating and showcasing various forms of art could come together. We aim to create a space where a creative exchange would foster, not only for the Memphians but also for the artistic population.