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WAMA News - 08/05/05

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Speed Networking for the Music Industry
Tuesday, August 23, 2005 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
The Mansion at Strathmore
5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD 20852
Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro (Red Line).
FREE for all WAMA members (NARAS, SAW & BSA $10. $20 all others.)

Broaden your DC industry connections by meeting 10 times the number of contacts in the
time it would usually take to meet one, and receive practical suggestions to advance your
career with:

1. Round-table discussions to break the ice.
2. Talk with a variety of music industry players in a fun and relaxed atmosphere: artists,
lawyers, record labels, managers.
3. Bring your demos to play and plenty of business cards
4. Express your own opinions and hear from others in the industry.
5. Learn unique networking techniques and how to put them to use.
6. Benefit from the combined experience in the room.
7. By the end of the session, you'll have met everyone in the room, and will have learned what
they can or can't do for you.
8. Then continue the discussions with a free drink at Timpano’s Italian Chophouse, 12021 Rockville

Please RSVP to RSVP@wamadc.com by noon Monday, August 22, 2005. Registration is limited.
Early registration is highly recommended.

Table Hosts Include:
Blake Althen, Senior Producer, Human Factor
Paula Bellenoit, Manager, Human Factor
Jennifer Cutting, Composer, Ocean Orchestra
Laura E. Jordan, Esq., Law Offices/Laura Jordan
Chris Murphy, Engineer, RHL Audio
Carl H. Settlemyer, Esq., Lutzker & Lutzker LLP & Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts
Dan Schuman, Lawrence Marie, Inc. Design/Advertising
And many more from the music industry.

If you would like to sponsor and/or host a table at this or future networking events, or any other
WAMA event, please contact sponsor@wamadc.com. This Washington Area Music Association
Event is Co-Sponsored by: National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Human Factor,
Songwriters’ Association of Washington, Timpano’s, Baltimore Songwriters Association.
Summer Sounds Concert Series

All-Star Tribute to The Band
The Summer Sounds Concert Series presents an All-Star Tribute to The Band at 7 p.m. Wednesday,
Aug. 10, at Strathmore Hall, 10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda. The rain date is Thursday, Aug. 11.
The concert is free and takes place outside the mansion. Bring a blanket or low beach chair; no dogs are
allowed. Patrons are encouraged to take Metro to the Grosvenor-Strathmore station on the Red Line.
Parking is available for a fee at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro garage and along Tuckerman Lane.
A SmarTrip card is required for the Metro garage. Accessible parking is available on-site on a space
available basis. Call 301-581-5100.
Read the story in the Gazette

The Rosslyn Mountain Boys Reunion
The Nighthawks
Tom Principato
Dixie Power Trio
Martha Hull
Bob Berberich
Bill Holland & Rent's Due Reunion
Jon Carroll
Tommy Lepson & Soul Crackers
Dead Mens Hollow
Tom Miller
Deeme Katson
Bill Baker

& Featuring- Chuck Sullivan, Bill Starks, Bill Craig, Paul Bell, John Hurd,
Rico Petrucelli, Louie Newmyer, Shep Williams, Matt Speilman, Akira Otsuka,
Paul Pisciotta, Chris Hutton, Wayne Sulc, Spencer Hoopes, Akira Otsuka,
Ronnie Newmyer & More. (Note- No members of the Band are scheduled to appear.)

WAMA is looking for some volunteers to sell CDs - contact dcmusic@wamadc.com

"Of Unknown Origin" (PH Music/Domination)

A pair of cousins with roots in Zimbabwe, O.U.O comprises Dumi Right and Pep. Currently
located near Washington D.C., their debut full length album, "Of Unknown Origin". album
has received good reviews in Elemental Magazine, http://www.platform8470.com/reviews/
reviews.asp. Visit their web site at: www.ouofam.com.

The School of Emceeing Volume 1
An incredible collection of rarities, remixes, exclusives, and some damn good album tracks from
a League of Extraordinary Emcees that are well versed in dropping heat and are renowned for their
sharp lyrical style and content and impressive catalog of beats. Some outlets where it can be purchased are: http://www.ughh.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=PHM01CD, http://www.cdbaby.com/phmusic, http://www.towerrecords.com/product.asp ... 2903603bb9
http://www.auctionworks.com/store/itemD ... d=12250057, http://www.sandboxautomatic.com, http://www.ughh.com/store/detail.asp?UPC=OUO850712,

The 3rd Annual SoundQuilt Music Festival & Campout

The 3rd Annual SoundQuilt Music Festival & Campout takes place August 12 & 13, 2005 at the
Cove Campground, 980 Cove Road, Gore, VA 22637 (540)-858-2882. For the schedule of performers,
directions and camping guidelines see: http://soundquiltmusicfestival.com. Festival info: (540)-955-6082

Tickets: Every Guest of 2005 SoundQuilt Music Festival must have a Ticket AND Pay the Cove Fee.
2005 SoundQuilt Tickets allow guests’ access to the Cove's Camp 6 for the private, SQ3 event. Advance
Tickets are on sale now for $30. The Gate price is $40. Call 540-955-6082 or visit the Tickets page at http://soundquiltmusicfestival.com . An extra/additional $20 Cove Fee is not due until arrival at the
Campground, the day of show, and includes Entrance/Parking/Tent Camping, Swimming & more.

22nd Annual Ukrops Carytown Watermelon Festival
22nd Annual Ukrops Carytown Watermelon Festival is on August 14, 2005 in Richmond, Va,
between S. Colonial Ave & S. Nansemond Street on W. Cary Street, which will be closed to
traffic. The event is free to the public, all ages are welcome, and watermelon sales go to charity.
This is the largest one-day musical event held in Richmond, with over 110 musical performances
scheduled on 11 stages, vendors of all types, and a children's area. There are an estimated
100,000+ attendees between 10 AM and 5 PM. For the schedule of performers and for more
information on the festival in general, contact Ernie Ferguson at 359-4645 or go to www.carytown.org.
To play at the festival or for information on the musical acts scheduled, contact Paul Magill at 360-9382 or email paul.magill@rockitz.org. Rockitz is an all volunteer non-profit dedicated to supporting local music.

Fifth Annual Future of Music Policy Summit

The Fifth Annual Future of Music Policy Summit is being held September 11 - 13, 2005 at
George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC.

Be one of over 500 musicians, lawyers, academics, policymakers and music industry executives
who will gather to hash out some of the most contentious issues surrounding digital technology,
artists' rights and the current state of the music industry. Sponsored by: ASCAP, BMI, CD Baby,
SESAC, IODA, Epiphone Guitars, Just Plain Folks, and Starpolish.

Regular registration: $149 for three-day pass/$99 for one-day pass. Student rate: $99 for three-day
pass/$66 for one-day pass. CLE (Continuing Legal Education) rate: $599. Go here to register online: https://www.futureofmusic.org/events/su ... ration.cfm.

Scholarships are available for Working Musicians. This way, many of the audience participants will
be those who the biggest stake in the policy debate - musicians themselves. First come, first served,
so fill out an application online now at: http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/sum ... rships.cfm

This year's topics include:
1. Whether digital distribution is a good deal for artists
2. How managers and labels are guiding artists through tremendous change
3. Whether indecency regulations are censoring performers and stifling non-commercial speech
4. Sampling and shared art
5. The changing face of terrestrial distribution
6. Podcasting and music blogs: the effect of citizen critics and creators on music industry
7. Intellectual property in a post-Grokster world
8. How musicians can engage in the policy debate

In addition to panels, FMC is adding twelve breakout sessions to this year's event like: how to work
with the PROs, how to sell and promote your music online, or how to participate in the grassroots
media ownership campaigns. For a complete schedule see:
http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/sum ... hedule.cfm

There will be over fifty top-notch panelists and speakers. For a complete list see:
http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/sum ... elists.cfm

Final Curtain

Rick Serfas
On July 31st, Rick Serfas passed away peacefully at his home in Reston, VA, after an incredible
struggle with oral cancer over the past two years. He was 49 years old. Rick was a very talented
and well-known blues guitarist in the Mid-Atlantic area. In 1994 Larry Benicewicz wrote a cover story
profile of Rick for the Baltimore Blues Society. You can read it by going to this link.
http://www.rightonrhythm.com/ror/sites/ ... 3artist=73.
Rick’s web site is: http://www.members.aol.com/rickserfas/.

A CD memorial of “Rick Serfas and the Soul Providers” playing at Nick Fleetwood’s nightclub in Alexandria,
VA in 1995 is being considered by the family, with any proceeds after the cost of production being donated
to charity.

If you would like to send cards or notes of condolence and don’t know any addresses, send them to Brian
Adams and he will get your messages to the family.
Brian Adams
3322 Dairy Lou Dr
Herndon, VA 20171

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests making a contribution in support of Father Rick Frechette, CP, or Lance
Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.
Father Rick Frechette, CP
c/o Mary Flynn
1181 SW 76th Ave
Miami, FL 33144
Make checks out to Father Rick.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation
PO Box 130819
Houston, TX 77219-0819 or online at
http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.jvKZLb ... ariums.htm
The link above takes you directly to a page specifically set up to make memorial donations. The site
asks you if you’d like an acknowledgement of your contribution to be sent to someone. Please send this
record to Brian who will pass it along to the family. You’ll need the following details to fill in the “to” part:
Brian Adams
PO Box 5189
Herndon, VA 20172-1972
email: briadams1@aol.com
IMPORTANT: Note on your check that it is in memory of Rick Serfas.

Cornucopia Music Festival

WAMA members will be offered discount admission to the Cornucopia Music Festival,
September 13- 18th in Washington DC . Cornucopia is a six day extravaganza in which
100 independent artists will have a chance to perform for the city of Washington, DC in
a week long jam session. This festival is a celebration of the music of the people that
puts no boundaries on genre, gender or musical styling.

The Final 100 chosen will be given goodie bags and a free pass to this year's Independent's
Day Music Conference. The Final 5 will be given Digital Media Prize packs and be included
on our Cornucopia Live DVD/CD. The grand prize winner will win a trip to New York City to
attend the Billboard Road Work Touring Conference and awards, plus a chance to drive a car
free for 2 years.

The deadline for entry is 8/16/05. Regular entry fees are $10 online; $15 by mail; $15 in person
for individuals and $25 in person for groups. WAMA members fee is a $10 flat fee entry online,
in person and by mail. ($20 in person for groups). A special page for WAMA members is at: http://www.marketingpros.net/cornucopia/wama.html
There will also be discount admission tickets for WAMA members when they go on sale in mid

Baltimore Award

Ray Jozwiak, Baltimore's own musician, composer, producer and solo piano performer has
been named Baltimore's Best Lounge Pianist 2005 by Baltimore Magazine, the August edition.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest
The deadline for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest is August 15, 2005. An international
songwriting contest, it’s open to amateur and professional songwriters who submit entries in
any one of 12 categories. Prizes. $30 entry fee. Contact: info@jlsc.com or http://www.jlsc.com.

The Closing of Breeze's Metro Club
On Saturday, July 30, 2005, the Metro Club (aka Deno’s) opened its doors for the last time. One of
the most successful and popular venue to ever house the bands in the history of Go-Go music, in over 20
years the Metro Club has served as the home and nurturing ground for such bands as Rare Essence,
Experience Unlimited, Mass Extenction, Little Benny & The Masters, Lawrence Maniac & The Soldiers,
Junkyard, Backyard, Northeast Groovers, Pure Elegance, OP Tribe, and many others.

Studio News
All Access

Producers, Heidi Gerber & Aaron Percy

Mystic Harmony, a trio of musicians based in Northern Virginia who perform Celtic-influenced folk music,
have released their first CD “Kindle a Flame”, produced by Heidi Gerber and Mary Anne Brundage. The project
has a blend of original songs and covers, and featured guest artists include Paul Bell, Tom Teasley, Elise Kress
and Charlie Pilzer.

The Parents' Choice Foundation has designated the original Kennedy Center Cast Recording of Roald Dahl's
Willy Wonka as a 2005 Parents' Choice Approved Award winner. All vocal recording, editing, and mixing was
done by Heidi Gerber and Aaron Percy at All Access with vocal production by Deborah Wicks La Puma.

Bassist/songwriter Barb Deiderich has been working on a bluegrass album with Heidi Gerber producing. The CD
features performances by Jon Carroll, The Dixie Power Trio, and Tom McLaughlin. Heidi is also mixing with Mark
Saltman and William Knowles for an upcoming jazz release. Heidi is mid-project with singer/songwriter Tim Watson,
acoustic/pop artist Chris Vogt (with Paul Bell on guitar and JT Brown on bass), and vocalist David Goettee.

Aaron Percy has been in Crownville, MD, recording pipe organ at St. Stephens Episcopal Church for a CD that also
includes performances by choirs and instrumental groups from the congregation. Other recent projects include work
with Dale Swan, Heather Figi, Deborah Wicks La Puma, and C.M. Mayo.

Contact info: All Access Audio, Inc., 2444 Parallel Lane, Silver Spring, 20904-5451
Phone: 301.384.2520

Jim Morrison Book
Mark Opsasnick is finishing up the rough draft for his forthcoming book, "The Lizard King Was Here:
The Life and Times of Jim Morrison in Alexandria, Virginia". Jim Morrison also resided in Arlington, Virginia for a short
time during the early 1950s, and if anyone out there has any information regarding Morrison's Arlington address (this would
be several years before they moved to Alexandria in 1959), please contact Mark as soon as possible at:

Media Central Rocks with AOL & Live 8 Concerts
When it was announced that Bob Geldof would be producing this show on July 2, twenty years after producing Live Aid,
AOL Music, which was streaming all the concerts live to the internet, called on Media Central in North Potomac, Maryland
to provide support with local crews and gear.

For the London, England show, Media Central's local Director/Producer/DOP Mac Kenny helped to arrange three separate
crews for the show in Hyde Park. Working closely with the people from AOL Music, the Media Central crew was deeply
involved in covering the onsite press conferences and back stage interviews with the major musicians. For this city, artists
that performed included Paul McCartney, U2, Pink Floyd, The Who, Madonna, Coldplay, Elton John, Sting and many others.

At the Philadelphia, PA show, Media Central brought in Producer/DOP Dan Fried and his locally based company Innovision
Media to supply two separate crews and all the gear there. They were also involved with handling back stage interviews with
the artists and press comments. In addition, AOL Music also had Media Central and Innovision provide a local satellite uplink
truck. Artists for this concert included Stevie Wonder, Sarah MacLaughlin, Dave Matthews Band, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Alicia
Keys and others.

The stream of the shows was a great success. More than 5 million people viewed the concert through AOL's website and it
will remain online for some time.
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