WAMA News - December 20, 2013

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WAMA News - December 20, 2013

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Happy Holidays from WAMA!

May your Holiday season be filled with music, joy, family and good friends. Thank you for helping us support the talented artists who call the DC area home.

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National & International Music News

In memoriam: Remembering Musicians Who Died in 2013


"Lou Reed, Van Cliburn and Marian McPartland are among the giants the music industry lost this year. Explore the legacies of these and more than 20 other artists and creators."

How Lyric Videos on YouTube Became Music's Hottest Star

December 16, 2013
By Emily Zemler
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... ttest-star

"...Today, as YouTube has replaced MTV as the primary outlet for music videos, the lyrics-only clip has become one of the most important marketing tools online, with a few generating more than 100 million views without a single shot of the artist. Unlike elaborate MTV-style videos (a 1998 clip for "Victory" by Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs cost his label $2.5 million), lyric videos are dirt cheap, and the words add an element beyond what fans get on radio or Pandora."

2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees


Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, Nirvana, Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, Andrew Loog Oldham, Brian Epstein, The E Street Band

7 Decades, 7 Musical Evolutions
http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2013/12/ ... 1950s.html

"To examine these changes in popular music, The Echo Nest data alchemist Glenn McDonald traced nine distinct audio attributes in the 5,000 hotttest songs from each year, 1950 to 2013...Seven of those ways showed detectable changes in music from 1950 to the present day:

New Owner Promises Handmade Steinways For Years To Come
December 17, 2013
By Jeff Lunden
http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecaden ... rs-to-come

"For 160 years, the pianos made by Steinway & Sons have been considered the finest in the world. So when hedge fund billionaire John Paulson recently bought the company, it struck fear in the hearts of musicians: Would the famously handcrafted pianos be changed, for the sake of efficiency? Paulson, who owns several Steinways himself, says nothing will change."

Maria Pallante, Head of US Copyright Office,
To Meet With Music Creators

December 18, 2013
By Glenn Peoples
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... ce-to-meet

"...The initiative ties in with Pallante's stated goal of hearing from the various stakeholders -- leading performers, songwriters and studio professionals -- of the current discussions on copyright. The roundtables will begin in New York on Jan. 14..."

The Ongoing Royalty Rate Battle

December 12, 2013
By Ed Christman
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... ate-battle

"...The future of the publishing industry in the digital age has ping-ponged this year between market rate negotiations, rate court rulings and consent decrees that predate digital disruption by more than a half century. And it’s now clear that back and forth will continue well into next year, as stake holders maneuver to be in the right position when the ball finally stops bouncing -- if it ever does."

King Charles' Tribute to Nelson Mandela,
"Lov Madiba," to Benefit Charity

December 13, 2013
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... it-charity

"UK singer-songwriter King Charles joins musicians like RZA and R. Kelly who have their respects in song to deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela. "Lov Madiba," which features vocalist Katie Melua and the Noisettes' Shingai Shonowai, follows a tribute that King Charles, a.k.a. Charles Costa, posted to YouTube six months ago. All proceeds from the song's sale will go to benefit Mandela's Children Fund, a charitable organization that provides aid to anyone from birth to 22 years of age, but especially those impacted by HIV/AIDS."

Australia’s Country Music Biz Rocked
By Golden Guitars Rift

December 13, 2013
By lars Brandle
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... itars-rift

"...The legendary singer-songwriter John Williamson quit as president of the Country Music Assn. of Australia earlier this week, but not without taking a shot at January’s Country Music Awards -- the “Golden Guitars” -- for becoming too Americanized."

Everything Is New Project Empowers India's 'Untouchable' Children,
Features Jarvis Cocker, Four Tet

December 17, 2013
By Andrew Flanagan
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... e-children

"It's a well-established idea that participating in music can have a positive influence on a child's life, and maybe none more so than those living at the Light of Love Children's Home in Tuni, southeastern India. It's there that a Scottish arts collective and charity...have focused their efforts into the Everything Is New Project, a three-phase work focused towards countering a perception of being Dalit, 'untouchable"..."

How Beyonce Shocked Radio, Too:
Exclusive Q&A With Clear Channel's John Sykes

December 19, 2013
By Gary Trust
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... nnels-john

"...Beyonce took a page from what the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or the Who would do: just drop an album and radio would start playing multiple cuts at one time and fans would go out and buy the record. She really set it up great for radio...At the end of the day, you still need radio for people to really hear an album, for them to keep going out and buying it online or in record stores. If you look at Nielsen research, the No. 1 platform for discovering new music is still radio."

Once-Stolen Stradivarius Sells For $2.3 Million

"An antique Stradivarius violin that was stolen from its owner at a London railway station in 2010 has fetched almost 1.4 million pounds ($2.3 million) at auction...The instrument, made in 1696, is one of only around 400 surviving Stradivarius violins in the world."

Jailed Pussy Riot members to be released
December 19, 2013

"...The Guardian reports that Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina are being set free as part of an amnesty approved by Russia's parliament yesterday (December 18) to mark the 20th anniversary of Russia's post-Soviet constitution. It's believed that the amnesty has been announced in an effort to improve Russia's image ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which begin in Sochi in January."

Local Notes

Mike Munford, who was awarded "Banjo Player of the Year" by the International Bluegrass Music Association, was featured in an article in The Baltimore Sun.
http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-1 ... oland-park

The Thomas Circle Singers had their credit cards stolen while performing a Christmas benefit for the homeless. http://www.wtop.com/109/3527680/Credit- ... -performed

The Jolley Brothers - drummer Nate has moved to Los Angeles, where he has broken into the production business; his twin, pianist Noble, divides his time between New York City and D.C. They'll be performing on Sat. Dec. 21 at Bohemian Caverns.

Deborah Rutter
is named President of The Kennedy Center.
http://encore.celebrityaccess.com/index ... leId=47302

Keisha Shorter has taken on a new role at I.M.P. and beginning January 1st, will be the General Manager of Lincoln Theatre.

Martha Hull and Bob Berberich have opened "Vinyl Acres," offering vinyl records and CDs in Frederick, MD. They had an article about their store in The Frederick News-Times.
http://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/e ... 9f71d.html

Kid Pan Alley with Paul Reisler is holding songwriting classes this week at Capitol Hill Montessori. On Jan 9th they'll do arranging sessions with a trio from the National Symphony with the kids and then 2 concerts on Jan 13th with the trio and kids. www.KidPanAlley.org

Online Resources

The Indie Artist's Roadmap For Success

http://www.oasiscd.com/request/roadmap. ... dium=Email

A free guide from Oasis on ways to increase sales and build your fan base.

How To Write A Song If You're Aiming For The Charts!
December 11, 2013
By Shaun Letang
http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/how- ... harts.html

"...Does the kind of songs you’ve been writing match the aims you have for your music career? Depending on what you hope to achieve, the way you write and structure your songs should take a certain path."

The Benefits Of Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorships For Musicians
By Sandy Asivatham
http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/how- ... harts.html

(Baltimorean Sandy Asirvatham is a musician, writer and co-creator of "Mobtown Moon," along with ellen cherry.)

"...A fiscal sponsor is an established nonprofit organization that agrees (by legal contract) to take an individual artist or group of creative collaborators under its wing for a particular project...Grants that came in via our fiscal sponsorship were the only way my co-creator ellen cherry and I were able to get our massive Baltimore-based Pink Floyd tribute, Mobtown Moon, up and running."

13 Ways to Make Money with Your Songs
December 13, 2013
By Jamie Purpora
http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/n ... guest-post

"...Nowadays, the types of songwriter royalties earned fall into two buckets: Physical/Analog Songwriter Royalties (generated from old school music industry), and Digital Songwriter Royalties (generated from the modern digital music industry). With all of the different ways your compositions can be used in both industry models, there’s a good chance your songs are generating money you’re not even aware of, which means you’re missing out on collecting your money, and that ain’t cool."

Production and Marketing Essentials for Aspiring Music Producers
December 18, 2013
By Mackenzie Carlin
http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/prod ... produ.html

"...A successful launch is an absolute necessity, so make the appropriate equipment investments and networking decisions before you venture into this competitive arena."

Why You Should Consider Non-Traditional Marketing
December 12, 2013
By Mike Rubini
http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/why- ... eting.html

"Let’s face it: when it comes to selling whatever we do, most of us feel uncomfortable. That is very true for musicians, too. Virtuoso jazz violinist Christian Hows address this problem in this interview with Jonathan Fields at 25:40 as 'fear of self-promotion'."

3 Social Media Myths It's Time Musicians Recognized
By Clyde Smith
http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2013/12/ ... nized.html

"Tim Grahl, author of "Your First 1000 Copies," writes for authors but he's got lots to say that musicians should consider. Some will find his take on social media a bit extreme but I think he makes a lot of practical sense and shares examples similar to what I've seen in music-related social media. In particular, he points out that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are tools and that you should pick your tools based on the job you need to do, not the other way around."

Top 10 things to do (and not do) when playing an Industry Showcase
December 9, 2013
By Music Gorilla
http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/top- ... -show.html

"...4. Have a plan – Ok, so your lead singer likes his flannel and your drummer hates his shirt – that’s all fine and good, but one of the things we’ve heard over and over is about the “look” of the band as a group. Not to say you have to dress alike, certainly not, but it’s nice to be in the same state and look somewhat cohesive."

That's A Bad Lyric And You Know It

December 16, 2013
By James Toth
http://www.npr.org/blogs/bestmusic2013/ ... ou-know-it

"...it is not poetry missing from the lyrics of today's music, but a sense of accountability on the part of artists and critics alike. When music criticism promotes an environment of immunity for the insipid, the unimaginative and the superficial, do artists, perhaps subconsciously, take note?"


Winter Classes at BlackRock

Save $10 on tuition by registering by Jan. 2

Classes for children and adults.

Capital City Voices Jazz Choir & Workshop
meets weekly on Tuesdays
7 - 9 pm
at 900 Mass. Ave, NW, WDC
Tuition is $140 per month
For more information and registration, call director Jeff Antoniuk at 410-295-6691 and visit www.CapitalCityVoices.com

Rehearsals begin January 14, 2014. Men and women aged 16 and up are welcome to join. Singers of varying experience are accepted.

Common Ground on the Shore

Jan. 18-20, 2014
on the campus of Chincoteague Bay Field Station of the Marine Science Consortium, Wallops Island, VA
Registration closes Jan. 8
To Register www.commongroundonthehill.org

A special 3-day with workshops in banjo, guitar, fiddle, bodhran, singing, and photography; old-time and Celtic sessions in old-time; Big Song Swap; evening concerts; exploring the Island, and more. Personalized instruction; intimate class-size; opportunities to jam and converse with your instructors.

Jazz Vocal Intensive: Scat Singing 201
Presented by Strathmore
Sat. Jan. 25, 2014
10 am - 3 pm
at the Mansion, Rockville, MD
$75/$67.50 Stars
Register at

This more-advanced course in scat develops the ear, increases jazz vocabulary, and introduces the scales used in improvisation. Instructor Connaitre Miller shows how to apply scatting in a typical jazz set and how to adapt it for different jazz styles.

So You Think You Can’t Sing: Harmony Edition
Presented by Strathmore
Mon. Jan. 27, 2014
7:30 -9:30 pm
at the Mansion, Rockville, MD
$140/$126 Stars
Register at

Singing in harmony isn’t as hard as you think, as these enjoyable, skill-building sessions will show you. Choral instructor John Horman shows you how to identify and build harmony with other singers, creating a full-bodied sound and a marvelous sense of accomplishment.

Studio News

Cue Recording
Cue was just awarded a double platinum record for work done on the Bruno Mars "Do-Wops and Hooligans" album. Cue engineer Sean Russell handled the recording processes in their Studio A during vocal cutting for Damien Marley who appeared on Mar's track "Liquor Store Blues".

Bass player and producer extraordinaire Marcus Miller has been in Studio A cutting tracks for his upcoming CD with Cue staffer Ken Schubert doing the engineering. Marcus has worked with Miles Davis, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson Donald Fagen, and many other notables.


Music For Life, an after school music program that provides instruments and lessons for at-risk youth, is offering three different Alternative Gifts for the holidays. A gift of $15 provides an electronic tuner and new strings for a graduating student. $35 provides an acoustic guitar or Djembe drum for a new student. $50 equips a new student with a guitar, gig bag, strap, picks and music book. Please go to www.gngnca.org for details. Or email skip.chaples@gngnca.org.

Selected Events

"4" x 6" East Coast Rock & Roll Photography 2013"
now thru Jan. 4, 2014
at Gypsy Sally's, 3401 K Street NW, WDC
http://www.wtop.com/1232/3527584/Rock-p ... psy-Sallys

A pop-up exhibition organized by the Govinda Gallery and curated by local photographer Vivienne Foster. The exhibit features photographs of East Coast rock-and-roll bands, through the lenses of six young photographers. There's a reception for the photographers on Thursday, Dec. 19 from 7 to 11 p.m. at Gypsy Sally's, featuring performances from The Sniffs, Collapser and Boardroom Heroes.

CABOMA Annual Holiday Party and Business Meeting
Sun. Dec. 22
at Lyon Park Community Center, 414 North Fillmore Street, Arlington, VA
2 - 6 PM

Business Meeting, Pot Luck Meal, Swap and Sell, Jamming.

15th Annual Christmas Day Jazz Jam
Weds. Dec. 25
6 pm
at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, 2700 F Street NW, WDC

Performing: Chuck Redd, Robert Redd, James King, Lenny Robinson, Tom Williams, Delores King Williams

17th Annual Hank Williams Tribute
Fri. Dec. 27
7:30 pm
at The Birchmere, 3701 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria VA 22305

With Claire Lynch, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine Group, Rickie Simpkins, Mark Shatz

New Releases

Margot MacDonald
has a new release, "Canvas." Her CD release concert at the Black Cat was reviewed in the Washington City Paper.
http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blog ... black-cat/

The Kapital Hip Hop Culture Magazine has released "Kapital Punishment Vol. 3." Debo's "Likedat" is the first single.
http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001SgBi57aq ... ix21855g==

Upcoming WAMA Events

28th Wammies Award Ceremony
Sun. February 16, 2014
at the State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
Save the date!

WAMA News compiled by Mike Schreibman and Loralyn Coles


News presented in this newsletter is for informational purposes only,
and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.
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