WAMA News - May 17, 2014

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WAMA News - May 17, 2014

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National & International Music News

Stevie Nicks Takes Home BMI Icon Award
May 14, 2014
By Roy Trakin
BMI Icon

"...Nicks joins the list of past honorees that includes Paul Simon, Carole King, David Foster, John Fogerty, Kris Kristofferson, the Jacksons, Carlos Santana and Dolly Parton."

Songwriter Equity Act Picks Up Momentum in Senate,
Aims to Modernize Copyright Law
May 12, 2014
By Ed Christman
Equity Act

"The Songwriter Equity Act, introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in February, is picking up momentum with three Senators introducing their version for the Senate...while a mechanical royalty rate of two cents a song was set in 1909, today that rate has only increased to 9.1 cents, while eggs that would have cost 14 cents in 1909 now cost $3 at the grocery today."

Byrds, Doors, Parsons, Zappa: 'Sounds of Laurel Canyon
1965-1977' Opens at Grammy Museum
May 11, 2014
Grammy Museum

"Laurel Canyon wasn't much to look at - a few modest bungalows and log cabins crammed between an occasional faded mansion that had been left over from the days when it was a secluded, semi-rural retreat for Hollywood's silent-movie stars. And yet from the quiet of the densely wooded canyon came a music revolution that would change popular culture."

OK Go, Fugazi, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, More Protest
Proposed Net Neutrality Changes
May 13, 2014
By Aaron Couch
Net Neuter

"...Dozens of stars have signed a letter urging FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to "protect the Internet as a vehicle for free expression."

How Canadian Music Week and NXNE Are Learning To Get Along
May 09, 2014
By Karen Bliss
Canadian Music

"It is not a death match. It's not even a heated battle. It’s what both sides call healthy competition, but it would be foolish to think there isn't inherent tension between Toronto's Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast, given their history. This year, after 31 years, CMW moved up its conference five weeks closer (May 6 to 10) to the 20-year-old NXNE (June 13 to 22) and hired their former festival booker."

Music Mapped Out:
How Fans Interact With Music Across U.S. Regions
Music GPS

"Where we live plays a major role in how we listen to, buy and engage with music, according to a Nielson study. For example, music fans in the Pacific region of the U.S. make up the largest group of subscription streamers in the country. But the Mountain region has the highest overall listening rates across the country when factoring in all platforms."

MusicCares Honors Ozzy Osbourne, Craig Ferguson
as Industry Looks On
May 13, 2014
By Ryan J. Downey

"...The industry came out to watch Ozzy receive the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his support of the MusiCares MAP Fund, which helps folks deal with substance abuse."

Cavern Club fights Hard Rock Cafe over US naming rights
14 May, 2014
Cavern Club

"The Cavern Club in Liverpool is taking the Hard Rock Cafe to court in a battle over who owns the rights to use the Cavern name in the US. The club became legendary as the home of the Beatles in the early 1960s."

The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CDs
(For Science)
May 13, 2014
Adrienne LaFrance
CD Smash

"France and her colleagues are trying to figure out how CDs age so that we can better understand how to save them. This is a tricky business, in large part because manufacturers have changed their processes over the years but won't say how. And so: we know a CD's basic composition—there's a plastic polycarbonate layer, a metal reflective layer with all the data in it, and then the coating on top—but it's impossible to tell just from looking at a disc how it will age."

New Music Seminar Returns for Annual Conference in New York
June 8-10
May 15, 2014
By Roy Trakin

"Long before SXSW, there was the New Music Seminar, a hotbed of activity co-founded by Tommy Boy head Tommy Silverman in 1980 for the then-emerging independent movement in the record industry. From that point to 1994, NMS established itself as the premier music conference of its time, taking a 15-year hiatus only to return in 2009 to tackle the issues of the day."

Did Cumulus Just Fragment Country Radio?
May 14, 2014
by Sean Ross
Country Radio

"The most significant thing about Cumulus' announcement this morning of a second national country radio brand, the gold-based "Nash Icons," was the intent to "provide a new distribution platform for country music’s most iconic artists including future recordings through a new record label." By partnering with Big Machine Label Group, Cumulus has planted the seed for country radio to do something it has resisted for years: fragment into two different formats that both expose current music."

CASH Music To Bring Musicians, Technologists Together In Brooklyn
May 15, 2014
By Emily White

"A little less moderation, a lot more conversation; that’s the goal of a series of events hosted by CASH Music, a non-profit organization that creates free, open source tools for artists. This weekend, CASH Music will hold a two-day summit of one-on-one conversations between musicians and technologists at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York."

A Scrappy Young Band Just Outsmarted Spotify for $20,000
to Give Their Fans Free Concerts
May 8, 2014
by Tom Barnes
Tracks of Silence

"Last month, indie band Vulfpeck wanted to go on tour. Like most indie bands, though, they didn't have the money...They uploaded 10 tracks of silence to Spotify under the name Sleepify. Then, they put out this video, urging fans to stream the album on repeat while they slept. The band pledged to use the royalty revenue they racked up to fund a tour, where all shows would have free admission. And it worked."

In Developing Asian Markets,
Mobile and SoundCloud Dominate Listening
May 15, 2014
By Paul Bonanos

"Western music services attempting to reach certain emerging markets in Asia will have to contend with a fragmented market for music apps, according to a new study by brand marketing platform developer Jana Mobile...The vast majority of people used their phones to listen to music, ranging as high as 90% in Indonesia and as low as 69% in the Philippines."

In Washington, Walk on the Grass, but Step Gently
May 11, 2014
By Nick Corasaniti
Keep Off

"...With the installation of exquisite, expensive new turf on a little less than half the mall, the Park Service has established strict rules that include limits on festivals and concerts, and even restrictions on when pickup softball and Frisbee games may be played...The Smithsonian Folklife Festival, for one, says the restrictions might jeopardize its celebration, which has been held on the mall since 1967."

Foo Fighters to show making of album on HBO series
HBO & Foo

"...The rock band said Thursday it will show the making of its new album in a series on HBO...Bandleader Dave Grohl (WAMA Hall of Fame) will direct the series...The Foo Fighters recorded tracks for its eighth album in Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle; New Orleans; and Washington, D.C. A news release says the songs will include 'local legends'."


Local Notes

The Priests had a front page article in the Style section of the Washington Post.

Lori Williams was nominated for a 2014 Helen Hayes Award for her role as Ella Fitzgerald in Ladies Swing the Blues: A Jazz Fable, and was interviewed by dcist.

Margot MacDonald has been brought in by NPR Music and All Songs Considered for a Tiny Desk Concert amoungst Bob Boilen's famous (no longer so tiny) desk and fantastic music trinkets. The concert goes live on May 31 at http://www.npr.org/series/tiny-desk-concerts/. She's also booked a tour in Europe this Summer.

>From the WAMA Office

2014 Registery Opens

Register Artists and/or Product for consideration by the WAMA membership for the 29th Annual Wammies to be held In February 2015.
Click here.

Film & Video Views

"The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint"

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has nominated "The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint" for a 2013 Emmy Award in the Category of Best Documentary - Historical. The awards ceremony on Saturday, June 14 is at The Fillmore/ Silver Spring, MD. This documentary debuted on Maryland Public TV in February 2013 and has aired on dozens of public TV stations across the country, including DC outlets WETA and WHUR. Info: http://www.mtitv.com/BayouBlog/

Cat playing a theremin.

A cat fascinated with the electrical sounds coming from a theremin make different attempts to alter the frequency and amplitude with its paws. The feline even has a supportive audience sitting on the floor.


Online Resources

How To Effectively Promote Your Music Video on Facebook
May 15, 2014
By Kelland Drumgoole

"Being an up and coming musician can be both a delightful and dreadful gig. You’re always writing music, recording, performing in bars and/or clubs, and trying to sell yourself on social media platforms. Selling yourself also means shooting a music video for your best song. You can always just upload the video to YouTube and engage with trolls, or upload to Vimeo and engage with trolls. But you want to, not only sell your music video, you want to engage with your growing audience and earn more fans. Facebook is the answer for that."

Don't Ignore Your Email List, Say Fan Engagement Experts
By Bruce Houghton

"First they told you to build your fanbase on Facebook. Then Facebook changed its timeline rules. Next they told you to engage on Twitter. But its hard to get noticed in a stream of continuous updates and their user growth is slowing. While social media is still essential, it turns out that good old fashioned email may still be the best way to engage a fanbase."

Preparing A Professional Crowdfunding Budget
By Peter Alhadeff & Luiz Augusto Buff

"...This paper will focus on crowdfunding only. It suggests a simple methodology for a musician or music entrepreneur to budget her own project. The costs of rewards for fans are variable and depend on the number and category of fan pledges. Knowing ahead of time what the possible distribution of such rewards may be is key, and so is the understanding of the average pledge per contributor gathered from historical data."

Music Crowdfunding:
Why You Should Include Stretch Goals In Your Plans
By Clyde Smith
More funding

"While not all music crowdfunding campaigns are successful and some are big disappointments, other do incredibly well sometimes doubling their goals or more. When planning your campaign you should also plan for success with at least some basic possibilities for stretch goalgs, additional things you can do with more money, and related rewards."

Enter The Haggis Compares Crowdfunding Experiences
On Multiple Platforms
By Clyde Smith
And more funding

"... overall, your choice of platform and related tools should be based on your campaign needs."

Copyright and Your Band: 4 Must-Do's Before Playing a Festival
May 8, 2014
By Lisa Occhino
4 Must Do's

"Festival preparation for musicians goes beyond renting the van and finding a place to sleep. For instance, are your songs copyrighted? Did you know that you should be getting paid royalties for your performance? Here are four things you should do to secure your intellectual property before you pack your bags this summer."

Do traditional tours still make sense for independent artists?
April 28, 2014
By Jason Schellhardt
Should You Tour?

"Few things in the music industry are more romanticized than the image of the battle-tested road warrior...This used to be the most effective way to build a fanbase outside of your local scene, but like most other things in the music industry, the internet has changed that. Booking cross-country tours no longer makes sense for newer independent artists."

3 Big Reasons You Should Never Trust A Vocal Coach...
May 4, 2014
By Judy Rodman
Prove It

"...until that coach proves their training actually works for YOUR voice!"



Professional Development for Musicians
Sat. May 17
9:30 AM to 3 PM
at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD
Four seminars each at $18 for a total of $72.
WAMA Members get a discount by calling anyone in the ticket office and mentioning WAMA.
More details at: http://www.strathmore.org

9:30 AM: DIY Public Relations, with Amamda Sweet
10:45 AM: Legal Guide to Writing and Releasing Your Recordings, with John Simson
12:45 PM: Launching Your CD, with Ken Avis
2:00 PM: Your Catalog, Your Publishing, and the Rest of Your Life, with Charlie Barnett

Steve James Blues Guitar Workshop
"Blues/Roots Fingerstyle Guitar in Drop D Tuning"
Sat. May 17th
11 am to 1 pm
at Archie Edwards Blues Barbershop, 4701 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park, MD
15 participants max
For reservation contact info@acousticblues.com

This handy variation on standard guitar tuning involves lowering the 6th string from E to D and really opens the guitar up for playing in D. The workshop will start with a demo of some cool arrangements, two of which will be detailed in the "hands on" portion of the session. Bring guitar, accessories, notebook (some tab supplied). Slow/fast demos of the music for portable sound recorders are part of the program (but not all of it!).

Artist in Residence Education Workshop with Elijah Balbed:
Listen to Jazz & Improve Your Life
Presented by Strathmore
Weds. May 21
7:30 PM
Mansion at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD
Free, but tickets required http://www.strathmore.org

Elijah will conduct one educational workshop in the form of a jazz "listening session". A panel of 5 artists, including Elijah and former AIR mentor Nasar Abadey, will each bring in a few recordings that they feel are seminal to the history of jazz, or that his influenced them personally or emotionally. After listening, the audience will be open to questions and/or discussion with the artists about how listening to jazz affects us and why these recordings were so influential.

Jazz Vocal Intensive:
Using Improvisation to Create Song-Interpretation
Sat. May 31
10 am - 3 pm
at Strathmore Mansion, North Bethesda, MD

George Gershwin said life is like jazz: “It’s better when you improvise.” This class led by Connaitre Miller will help you create unique interpretation of jazz standards. You’ll learn lyric interpretation, melodic and rhythmic alterations and stylistic tweaks in an in-depth class. Includes a rhythm section in the afternoon.

"The Music of Mississippi John Hurt" Guitar Workshop
with Scott Ainslie
Sat. May 31
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
at Archie's Blues Barbershop, 4701 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park, MD
For reservation contact info@acousticblues.com

In this class we’ll explore Hurt’s repertoire while focusing on his right and left hand techniques with a special eye to establishing the right/picking hand muscle patterns necessary to maintain a steady alternating bass while developing independence on the high strings to play melodies. If you have Hurt tune in mind that you'd love to see, send me a list and we'll cover as many of them as we can during the workshop. Scott Ainslie ainslie@musician.org


Washington Revels
2014 Irish Christmas Revels
Adult Auditions
Fri & Sat. May 23-24
Men & woman ages 18 and up
appointments required 301-587-3835
more info at http://www.revelsdc.org

NPR Performance in NYC
"this year's edition of Make Music New York — a one-day festival that transforms the city into a movable feast of music on every summer solstice — NPR Music has commissioned a new song that will transform the iconic steps of the Brooklyn Public Library into a raucous street party...If you're a brass player or percussionist — amateur, student or professional — and you'd like to take part in the premiere of 100+ BPM, you should arrive at the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library (10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201) familiar with the piece, warmed up and ready to play by 4:30PM ET."

NERFA & SERFA Regional One-Day Conference
Showcase Application Deadline: May 31

The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) and Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA) will hold the event at Unity of Charlottesville in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Ten artists/acts will be selected by a panel of judges (comprised of presenters and a folk DJ) to each perform 15-minute slots in the late afternoon through the early evening. Notification of those selected to showcase their talents will be made by the end of June. Only the first 75 showcase applicants will be considered. Registration forms and online showcase applications are posted in the Regional One-Day Conferences menu that appears on the left side of http://www.nerfa.org.

Call for Proposal and Proposal Form for INTERSECTIONS 2015
Deadline: Fri. June 27

The Atlas Performing Arts Center announces its sixth annual festival that unites collaborative artists from DC and beyond with richly diverse audiences to expand what we share through the arts. For details http://www.jotform.us

U.S. Indie Labels Invited To Submit To UK Independent Music Awards
Deadline May 30, 2014

To qualify, the artists or projects must have had UK releases. There is an entry fee. Entry forms and info are at http://www.musicindie.com/awards/enternow

Unsigned Only Music Competition
Deadline: May 23, 2014

Unsigned Only Music Competition announced today the launch of a special promotion, "Screen Shot," geared toward the placement of music in film, TV, advertising, and video games. Artists can submit their original songs on the Unsigned Only website at http://www.unsignedonly.com.

I'm a professional singer in need of a pianist who know an can play his own arrangements of pops standards like "Funny Valentine," "Where or When," etc for me to sing with. Must have excellent transposition skills. Pls email me at drlauramann2@gmail.com
Many thanks! Laura Mann


Selected Events

30th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Winner's Showcase at IMT
Sat. May 17
7:30 pm
at Seekers Church, 276 Carroll St. NW, WDC
Tickets: $12-$18
Purchase at http://www.imtfolk.org

Songwriters who purchase a ticket will receive $5 off their first song submission to the 31st MASC, which starts up June 1st.

Performers: Andrea Pais (BMI Songwriter Award, Gold & Silver- Pop), Kipyn Martin (Director's Choice Award, Gold - Open), Tom Dews (Silver-vocal Jazz/Blues)

The Institute of Musical Traditions and the Songwriters' Association of Washington (SAW) team up to present Gold and Silver award winning songs from some of the winners of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (MASC).

The Rappahannock Americana Music Festival
Sat. May 17
in Washington, VA
Tickets are $40 for both stages or $25 for each

The festival is split up into two parts. In the afternoon, live bands will perform in the village green. Enjoy local food from farmers and vendors, and sip on wine from Little Washington Winery and Vineyards. Dinner will be served from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and then live entertainment moves indoors to The Theatre at Washington, Virginia.

The Ann Rabson Memorial Boogie-Woogie Showcase
Sun, May 25
4 to 8 p.m.
at the Colonial Tavern, Fredericksburg, VA
Tickets are available online at annrabson.brownpapertickets.com.

Performers: Daryl Davis, Roddy Barnes, Bob Margolin, and Rabson’s former bandmates in Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women, Gaye Adegbalola and Andra Faye.

Proceeds from the event will benefit blues music education, including the Ann Rabson Scholarship Fund at the Pinetop Perkins Foundation in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The 34th Annual Washington Folk Festival
May 31 & June 1
Noon to 7 pm
at Glen Echo Park, MD

To view the Performance Schedule fsgw.org

The 34th Annual Washington Folk Festival showcases the diversity of traditional music in the Washington area. All musicians, storytellers, dancers, and craftspeople live in the the greater Washington metropolitan area and volunteer their talents

The Jazz Samba Project - Bringing Bossa Nova to the United States
Saturday, May 31 – Sunday, June 15
at the Strathmore Mansion, North Bethesda, MD
Admission Free
http://www.strathmore.org Free
Opening Reception on Sat., May 31, 2 - 4PM.

Radio broadcaster Felix Grant was a familiar voice to Washington, D.C. listeners for nearly 50 years. His early interest in Brazilian culture and music played a pivotal role in introducing bossa nova to the United States. This multimedia exhibit includes photographs, concert programs and awards, as well as interviews of prominent artists such as João Gilberto, Leny Andrade, Sergio Mendes and Dorival Caymmi. Together they provide a glimpse into Brazilian music of this period and its explosive impact on the American jazz scene.

5th Annual DC Record Fair
Sunday, June 1
at Artisphere, Arlington, VA
$5 Early bird admission from 11-12, $2 after
Cocktails, food, and DJs
For more info, call Som Records at (202) 328-3345.

The DC Record Fair is brought to you by Som Records, DC Soul Recordings, and The Vinyl District. somrecordsdc.com


New Releases

Riki Schneyer has a CD release concert for "Children of Zion" at the Washington Ethical Society Auditorium. She was featured on the cover of the May FSGW Newsleter. fsgw.org

Maimouna Youssef has a new mixtape, "The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh," and a review interview he did with Washington City Paper. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com

Tom Saputo & Friends have released a 2-CD set "Love Your Heart," with over 30 singers and musicians. All the sales from the CD will go directly to the American Heart Association. The CD release party is Sun. May 18, 1-4pm at Pistones, Falls Church, VA. http://www.tomsaputo.com

yU has released a new song, "OohLahdHard," that's reviewed in the Washington city Paper. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com

Lavenia Nesmith has a new album, "Introducing Lavenia Nesmith," and a CD release concert with an 11-piece band on Fri. 5/16 at Jazz Night in Southwest. http://www.lavenianesmith.com

The NRIs have two CD release shows at IOTA on May 31 for their new EP "Playground." http://www.nrismusic.com

The Priests have released a new song, "Doctor," from their soon to be released EP. Listen at dcist. dcist.com/2014/05/listen_priests_doctor.php

Deleted Scenes will be at Rock and Roll Hotel on May 22nd to celebrate the CD release of "Lithium Burn." http://www.deletedscenesmusic.com

Oasis Ad

Final Curtain

Mo Sussman
Dies May 13, 2014

Comments from Mo Sussman’s Facebook page

From Andrea Sussman Pieper
Hi all, this is Mo's sister, Andrea. Mo was in Arizona with Christopher and his family for his granddaughter's college graduation. Tuesday he spent the day with his family and that evening they had a celebratory dinner. Sometime overnight, he died, peacefully, in his sleep. We are all reeling. There are no set plans yet for a memorial, but feel free to email me at andrea@allsaintsleonia.com for updates.

From Cerphe Colwell
With a heavy heart reflecting on the passing of my dear friend, DC restauranteur Mo Sussman. At his legendary eatery Joe & Mo's on Connecticut Avenue, he hosted amazing parties for Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Murphy, The Rolling Stones, Basia, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Billy Joel, Penn & Teller and my Mom(!) who loved Mo dearly. He had a heart of gold and always a smile. Safe journey my friend.

From Darryl Jenifer
Thanks for everything Mo, for providing me a good nights sleep when I was a homeless teen, for buying me instruments amps, for your positive vision in Bad Brains, for dinner at Joe and Moes on my moms birthday, you made me a hero more than once. Thanks man, surely missed but never forgotten

From Al Marks
I am at a loss for words at your passing Mo....You were an Oasis in a desert..Your laugh, your smile and your handshake could turn even the worst days into good ones...You were a godsend to those of us in the music business in DC during the 70s and 80s always giving us a safe place to come and be welcomed...My heart is saddened...When you run into my wife Bobbi up there feel free to tell her all the stories I couldn't share....

From Julie Stacy
So very sad to hear of the passing of Mo Sussman. You certainly made an impact on my life as the Lovely Miss Julie with Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra way back in the days of Joe and Mo's Restaurant. I'll never forget you. Rest in Peace my friend.

Asher Benrubi
Mo was one of my favorite people. We had many good times with him when I worked at DC-101; We all would go up the block, cross the street...and there was Mo Sussman and his smile. Big blessings to and on the family. To Mo, I say and play "Thank You For Being A Friend." With love and appreciation for you being you.

Bob Gaynor
Bob Gaynor from The Roadducks, died May 14, 2014

"Bopper" was also a William and Mary alumni, where he met Jay in 1969. After a variety of bands and solo acoustic gigs, he joined the fledgling Ducks when Jay and Bill showed up at his door and informed him that he was their lead singer.

WAMA News compiled by Mike Schreibman and Loralyn Coles

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and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.
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