WAMA News - August 24 2014

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WAMA News - August 24 2014

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Upcoming WAMA Events

You Can Be A Gig Magnet & Attract Great Gigs
A WAMA Workshop hosted by Ruthie Logsdon
Sat. September 20 - Save the Date!
(Daytime) Location & Time TBA
There is NO admission fee.
Donations will be collected on behalf of WAMA on a pay what you can basis. ALL proceeds will benefit the Washington Area Music Association.
Registions opening soon

Ruthie Logsdon, a Musician's Coach of Gig Magnet, www.AttractGreatGigs.com, will be sharing everything she knows about how to attract great gigs. This is for musicians in all stages of success. You should attend if you want more gigs, you have gigs but need higher paying gigs, or you want promoters calling you for the gigs.

Here are just some of the red hot topics:

How to turn ONE gig into THREE gigs
How to get into larger venues
Stop chasing unsatisfying gigs and start attracting the gigs you want
Bonus topic: How to sell more CDs at your shows

WAMA Product Registry

September 30, 2014

The end of the this year's 28th Wammies Eligibility Period, which started October 1, 2013. Register your accomplishments, including new CDs, at the WAMA Artist and Product Registry.

National & International Music News

How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever
August 18, 2014
By Laura Sydell

"...preservationists are worried that a lot of key information stored on CDs — from sound recordings to public records — is going to disappear. Some of those little silver discs are degrading, and researchers at the Library of Congress are trying to figure out why."

Music site SoundCloud to start paying artists
Thursday 8/21/2014

"SoundCloud said Thursday that it will start paying artists and record companies whose music is played on the popular streaming site, a move that will bring it in line with competitors such as YouTube and Spotify.

Johnny Cash's childhood home opens to the public
17 August 2014

"Country music legend Johnny Cash's childhood home has been opened to the public as part of a drive to revitalise the Arkansas town where he grew up."

FCC Extends Deadline for Net Neutrality Comments
August 18, 2014

"The Federal Communications Commision has announced a five-day extension for the second round of public comments on its "Open Internet" proceedings regarding net neutrality. The deadline has been pushed back from Sept. 10 until Sept. 15."

Boston Police Test Facial Recognition Software On Unknowing Music Festival Attendees
By Tim Cushing

"...Ultimately, taking several thousand photos with dozens of surveillance cameras is no greater a violation of privacy than a single photographer taking shots of crowd members. The problem here is the cover-up and the carelessness with which the gathered data was (and is) handled."

In Surprise Finale at Metropolitan Opera’s Labor Talks,
Both Sides Agree to Cuts
Aug. 18, 2014
By Michael Cooper

"...The unions representing the orchestra and chorus recognized the financial fragility of the opera house and agreed to their first pay cut in decades, while management abandoned its toughest demands and agreed to make significant reductions of its own, with independent oversight."

German Music Market Dips in First Half of 2014 as
CD Format Continues to Dominate
August 15, 2014
By Wolfgang Spahr
Market Dips

"...The CD format continues to be the key driver of revenue, again recording only a slight decrease (-3.6 percent). It continues to generate two-thirds (65.6 percent) of total revenues in the German music market."

U.K. to Introduce Age-Based Rating System for Online Music Videos
August 20, 2014
By Richard Smirke

"Overtly sexual and explicit music videos distributed online are to carry advisory age ratings in the United Kingdom from October as part of a pilot scheme 'to help parents protect their children from graphic content,'...The scheme commences Oct. 1 and will be implemented by YouTube and Vevo, working in association with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The U.K. arms of Sony, Universal and Warner Music have all given their support ..."


Local Notes

Linda Parker's photos from the 10th Anniversary All Star Tribute at Strathmore on August 16 produced by BandHouse Gigs. Linda Parker Photography http://lindaparker.zenfolio.com/p432789148

First look at D.C.'s Chuck Brown Memorial Park (Photos) http://www.wtop.com/541/3685512/First-l ... orial-Park

The Original Seldom Scene will be inducted into the 2014 International Bluegrass Music Awards Hall of Fame on October 2 at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC. Other 2014 IBMA nominees include:
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen for Instrumental Group of the Year
Frank Solivan for Male Vocalist of the Year
Mike Munford for Instrumental Performers of the Year - Banjo
Mark Schatz for Instrumental Performers of the Year - Bass
Frank Solivan for Instrumental Performers of the Year - Mandolin bluegrasstoday.com

Black Alley was the subject of a Washington Post blog. Listen to two fo their songs. www.washingtonpost.com/blogs

"When conductor Lorin Maazel died last month, many people were already wondering whether the event he founded in 2009 on his Virginia estate, the Castleton Festival, could survive without him. Now, Castleton has announced that not only will the festival go on next year, but it will also expand — with the addition of a training academy administered by Jazz at Lincoln Center and Wynton Marsalis. The Castleton Summer Jazz Academy will be a two-week program for 42 gifted high-school students from across the country." Washington Post article

"Marvin Gaye Mural In Shaw Will Be Covered, But A New One Is Coming."dcist article dcist.com

Local record labels were highlighted in a dcist article. dcist.com The list includes: Windian Records, Future Times, Etxe Records, Ruffian Records, Cricket Cemetery Records, Lovitt Records, Sister Polygon Records, 1432 R, Dischord Records, Accidental Guest Recordings, Teen-Bet Records, Andrew's Musical Enterprises, Mello Music Group, Peoples Potential Unlimited, and Bad Friend Records.

Baltimore Center Stage will premiere a Bob Marley musical next year. www.billboard.com/biz/



What You Need To Know About Music License Agreements Before Signing
By Alex Ploegsma

"With synchronization becoming an increasingly important revenue stream for musicians, it’s vital that artists understand how these agreements work – and more importantly, how they can maximize their benefits."

5 Recording Tips For Vinyl Releases
By Clyde Smith
Vinyl Tips

"If you're thinking about putting out a vinyl album there's a lot to consider. The turnaround time for production takes longer and extra things need to be done during the recording process."

How To Make Your DIY Tour Stick Out >From The Rest
By Lee Duck
DIY Tour

"...So now that you’ve packed up your gear, managed your expenses, and hit the road, what can you do to really blow your fans out of the water night after night?"

Want Press? Make It Easy For Journalists And Bloggers To Write About You
By Clyde Smith

"...except for the handful of media people with which you're going to build some sort of relationship, there are just too many writers with too many individual and usually unstated rules about what they want and how they want it to sort things out. Until somebody comes up with a service that effectively addresses that issue (getting closer but we're not there yet) you have to find general operating rules in order to optimize your chances of coverage."

How To Collect Both Kinds Of Music Royalties
By Ken Consor

"As streaming has become increasingly important in today’s music market, it is imperative to understand how streams turn into publishing royalties - and of course, how to get those royalties into your wallet."

How To Double Your Pinterest Followers In Just 5 Minutes A Day
By Bruce Houghton

"Do musicians really need to pay attention to Pinterest? The answer is, probably yes. Traffic on the site grew 58% in 2013, sneaking past Facebook (57%) and leaving Twitter (15%) in the virtual dust."

Before Agreeing To Soundcloud's Terms And Conditions,
Read The Fine Print
By Bruce Houghton

"When putting tracks up on Soundcloud, you should strongly consider turning API access off. If you do not do this, you are granting not only Soundcloud a royalty free licence to use your recordings, but also anyone else who uses their API and/or links to your recordings (eg internet radio stations, remix services or other music apps)."

10 Things You Will (and Won't) Hear on a No. 1 Summer Hit
August 15, 2014
By Joe Lynch
Summer Hit

"...What does it take for a regular ole No. 1 hit to become the summer's defining song? And what do these elite tracks have in common? In conjunction with Hit Songs Deconstructed, Billboard took a note-for-note look at each summer's top song from 2003 to 2013 to see what quantitative similarities these hits share."

11 Ways To Be A Happier Musician Person
August 20, 2014
By Jacquie Neville
Be Happy

"As artists we are constantly evaluating ourselves...and others. In order to succeed we make many sacrifices such as financial, social, emotional, or physical. I don’t believe in the “tortured artist”. Being an artist can be a hard life, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are mindful of what’s going on with you and the world around you, you’ll realize being an artist can be the most rewarding and fulfilling path you can take if you’re willing to work for it."

A Guide to Booking More DJ Gigs – From A Non-DJ’S Perspective
August 21, 2014
By Josh Lyon
DJ Gigs

"...Below I am going to go over questions to ask yourself, marketing tips and essentials, I feel that you, ( assuming you’re a dj ) must have to not only book more gigs, but survive in general within the culture."

Hello, World: Bandposters and Its Smart, Simple Idea
August 20, 2014
By Glenn Peoples
Band Posters

"Bandposters is an easy, affordable do-it-yourself tool for both the design and printing of concert posters..."



Drum for Joy! with Jaqui MacMillan
Mon. Aug. 25
every Monday
Beginner classes 7p to 8p
Intermediate classes 8:30p to 9:30p
at Electric Maid, 268 Carroll St., NW, WDC

Learn hand drumming. Private lessons available by request between 3 - 7 pm. Info and contacts at www.drumforjoy.com

World Village Music & Dance Camp
Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
at Timber Ridge Camp, High View, WV

Spyros Koliavasilis (Greek instrumental ensemble & vocal workshop)
Karpouzi Trio (Greek band)
Ethel Raim (Croatian Slavonic & Yiddish singing)
Lyuti Chushki (Bulgarian band, ensemble, instrumental & vocal workshops)
Loretta Kelley (Scandinavian music & ensemble)
Julia Borland-Ferneborg (Swedish fiddling)

Songwriting Workshop with John McCutcheon
Sun. Sept. 28
7:30 - 9:30 pm
at Institute of Musical Traditions, Seekers Church, 276 Carroll St. NW, WDC
$40 for the 2 hour workshop
Register at www.imtfolk.org

GRAMMY award winner John McCutcheon is folk music’s renaissance man: master instrumentalist, powerful singer-songwriter, storyteller, activist and author. In the past few years alone he has headlined over a dozen different festivals in North America, recorded an original composition for Virginia Public Television involving over 500 musicians, toured Australia for the sixth time, toured Chile in support of a women's health initiative, appeared in a Woody Guthrie tribute concert in New York City, gave a featured concert at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, taught performance art skills at a NC college, given symphony pops concerts across America, served as President of the fastest-growing Local in the Musicians Union and performed a special concert at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Play Gloria Estefan on Broadway

According to WTOP, "Producers of "On Your Feet!" said Monday they will offer performers around the world a chance to audition for all the roles in the Broadway-bound cast by submitting audition videos online. There also will be two open casting calls -- at Pearl Studios in New York City on Sept. 9 and at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami on Sept. 21." Find out more at: www.OnYourFeetMusical.com

Auditions for the Irish Christmas Revels
September 5-7
Children & Teen Auditions, Grades 3-5 and 9-12

Strong performers sought for Washington Revels 32nd annual Christmas Revels production. The 2014 Christmas Revels transports us to the Emerald Isle in the mid-1800’s for the warmth and community of an Irish Christmas.


Selected Events

Global Acoustic Guitar Project DC
Thurs. Sept. 4
7:30 pm
at Ebenezers Coffeehouse, 201 F Street NE, WDC

Performers: Zach Parkman, Suzanne Brindamour, Lea, Juels Bland, Harris Face, David Potts-Dupre, Wendy Lanxner, Andres Salguero, Annette Wasilik, and Rachel Levitin.

In May The Acoustic Guitar Project sent a recorder and acoustic guitar to DC. Washington, DC is the 7th city in company with Moscow, Port-au-Prince, Bogota, Berlin, Chicago, Asheville, Detroit & Boston, to name a few. Now, ten area singer-songwriters have completed the song challenge, posted their recordings to the AGP site and each will perform their song and an additional original. The talent was chosen with the help of Busy Graham.

Silver Spring Jazz Festival
Sat. Sept. 6
3 - 10 pm
at One Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, MD

Performers: The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Marcus Johnson presents The Urban Jam Band, David Bach Consort, Elliott Levine, Jazz Academy of Music

Takoma Park Folk Festival
Sun. Sept. 7
10:30 am - 6:30 pm
at Takoma Park Middle School, 7611 Piney Branch Rd., Takoma Park, MD
Free, but donations accepted

Over 50 local musicians will be performing. Money raised at TPFF, from booth rental, the sale of T-shirts, etc., goes to support local nonprofit groups serving the children of the community.

Vocalist looking for Musicians to make up a band for recording and live shows. 3-4 pieces, Rock, R&B, World Music. Contact Stanley Durbin at Honestman Productions Inc. 301-349-4029, (Currently not performing) Do you tour overseas? If you'd like a professional translator to ensure accurate language in both the foreign and English contract versions, thus avoiding costly misunderstandings, contact SAW member Eileen Bernstein: 410-440-5267 or peakandvalleymusic@gmail.com. Eileen has extensive background translating legal documents and proofreading other translators' work.

New Releases

Chuck Brown's posthumous album, "Beautiful Life," has been released in time for Aug. 22's "Chuck Brown Day" in DC and the unveiling of the Chuck Brown Memorial Park. chuck_brown_1

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WAMA News compiled by Mike Schreibman and Loralyn Coles

News presented in this newsletter is for informational purposes only,
and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.
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