Discounts For WAMA Members

Discounts For WAMA Members

Postby askmike » Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:43 pm

Be sure to call ahead for the full details, and please,
remember to have your membership card with you.

Musical Instrument Stores & Service

    Acoustic Axis Instruments - 10% off on all strings, accessories, books, etc. Other discounts may apply to the guitars, call the store for details, 703-548-2321.
    Atomic Music - 10% off on all accessories, 301-474-5752.

    House of Musical Traditions - card-carrying members will receive 15% off on all non-sale items, excluding consignments & other specially-marked items, 301-270-9090.
    L & L Music-Wind Shop - extra 10% off list price on all accessories (in addition to normal 20% discount), 20% off on sheet music, & 20% off labor on instrument repairs, you must present membership card with the instrument for repair, 301-948-7273.
    Victor Litz Music - 5% off non-sale items (i.e. regularly-priced items) & 20% off all sheet music, 301-948-7478.

Recording, Mastering, & Duplication

    Airshow Mastering - professional mastering for your demo project (up to 20 minutes, no more than 5 songs), on 50 color face-printed CD-R's, all for $475. Call Helen French, 703-642-9035, or schedule through

    If so, here are the discounts we would like to offer:
    Bias Studios - $10/hour off sessions with Mike Monseur. Contact Gloria Dawson 703 941 3333 or
    Bias Mastering – 15% off all sessions in our Studio C Mastering. Contact Gloria Dawson 703 941 3333 or
    Big Bear Productions - WAMA members get studio time at block rate regardless of the amount of time booked. Studio time is $30/hour, instead of the usual $35, and WAMA members get 10% off digital editing/mastering, 703-532-1313.
    Blue House Productions - 10% off any CD duplication for WAMA members, 301-589-1001.
    Cue Recording Studios - 15% off normal studio rates, and 10% off special rates, 703-532-9033.
    Hit and Run Recording - hourly rate of $50 (regularly $65), 301-948-6715.
    Inner Ear - 10% off 24-track recording for WAMA members, 703-820-8923.
    National Media Services - 50 Free full-colr posters (12"x18") with any CD order. Call for complete details, 540-635-4181
    NPR Studios - 20% off from standard rates for all studios, including field recording, call Simone Steverson for details, 202-513-2482.
    Omega Studios - $20/hour off on all studio rates. Call for special packages, 301-230-9100.
    Shuman Recording - 15% off all studio time (analog & digital recording available), plus 15% off mastering, 703-237-5677.
    Tejas Studios - 10% off regular studio rate, call Mike Ferrell for details, 540-752-0036.

Publications, Multimedia, and Other Associations

    On Tap - 20% off advertising card rates for WAMA members, some restrictions apply, call for details, 703-465-0500 or e-mail

Live Sound Production

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