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WAMA News - 11-08-05

Postby askmike » Thu Nov 24, 2005 2:27 am

Troubling Concerns About Wammies Nominations

It's that time a year when we begin to hear the complaints about the
nominating process for the Wammies; mostly from people who aren't
members. But in truth, we hear it from some members, as well.

Some of the typical complaints are: the same nominees show up on the
ballot year after year; you have to know someone to be nominated; a
small clique of members controls the voting; there are not enough younger
groups nominated; and one’s genre isn't well represented.

These complaints then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As the ballots
are coming in, too many musicians are only nominating themselves; as
though there are no other worthy musicians and groups in the Washington

This is troubling for two reasons: first it's selfish and counter to what WAMA is
all about. Second, it defeats the effort to put forth a diverse and comprehensive
ballot. What makes the Wammies work is that we are a community, supportive
of one another. You can definitely nominate yourself, but please think about
others in our community who are equally worthy of recognition and nominate
them as well. It won't diminish what you do, it enhances what we all do.

Anyone who would like to resubmit their ballot is welcome to do so. Just add the
word "resubmitted" after your member name at the end of the ballot.

2005 Wammies Nomination Ballot
Nominations must be returned by Thursday, November 10.

You can download it at
Save it - then open and enter on screen - after you have filled in your ballot,
save as 'yourname.exe' and email back.
(this file will not work on a MAC)

You might receive several error messages - ignore them, it is only a font problem
Print out and fax or mail back. The fax number is 703-393-1028.
Note: If your membership is not current, the ballot will not be counted.
You can renew your membership at
https://priapus.safe-order.net/crosstow ... rship.html

Media is Invited to Nominate
In an effort to expand the reach of the Nominations, WAMA will accept nominations
from certain non member experts and members of the press on our media list. We have
done this in the past and we've decided to reinstate this process.

Your Nominations Count
Take time to read the Wammies Nomination & Voting Rules included in your ballot..

The Membership Decides
As with any voting process, the more people who participate, the more representive
the results. Your nominations are very important. Even if you are only familiar with
a handful of artists in just a few categories, send in your ballot - it counts. Sometimes
only a few votes can make the difference of an artist being added to the final ballot.

If you are looking for hints and suggestions, you can use previous nominations as a guide.
They can be found on the WAMA website at http://www.wamadc.com/the_wammies.html.
Members are encouraged to make use of the Washington Post MP3 site,
washingtonpost.com/mp3, to search for nominees. Members are also encouraged to upload
their music as soon as possible.

MySpace.com - seach within a range of 50
miles and a DC zip code such as 20007 (Georgetown)

CDBaby WAMA Gallery
XM Radio - Friends and Family

XM is really starting to take off and the Unsigned Channel has another amazing
Friends and Family plan for WAMA members.
Simply click the link below,

and enter Billy Zero's email address - billyzero@xmradio.com
radios start at $0.00 and go up to $99,,

any questions,, just ask,,

Sign up to receive The R>A>D>A>R REPORT
( http://lists.radiounsigned.com/mailman/ ... adarreport )

Awards Gala for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

The Songwriters’ Association of Washington (SAW) will
announce the awards for the 22nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest at an Awards
Gala on Sunday, November 20, at Jammin’ Java (227 E. Maple Avenue, Vienna,
VA), beginning at 7pm. The evening’s program will feature performances of
many of the award-winning songs. Contest sponsors include BMI, Songwriters’
Market, TAXI, Oasis CD Manufacturing, Omega Recording Studios, Mary Cliff’s
Traditions, Sonicbids and Human Factor.

The Awards Gala will feature entertainment from 1st (Gold) and 2nd (Silver)
place winners from each of the following 10 categories: Country/Bluegrass,
Pop, Folk/Acoustic, Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock, Gospel/Inspirational,
Children’s, Rock/Alternative, R&B/Hip-hop/Dance/Urban/Go-Go,
Jazz/Blues/Instrumental and Open (Novelty, seasonal, theater, world, etc.).
Debuting this year is the presentation of a Young Artist Prize to a winning
songwriter age 21 and under.

The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the Grand Prize
Winner, chosen from among over 900 entries. The Grand Prize Winner will
receive $1,000 cash, a free year of TAXI membership, and a three-year SAW
membership and a Surround-Sound Mix from Human Factor. The Second Place
Overall Winner will receive $500 cash, a free year of TAXI membership, and a
two-year SAW membership. The Third Place Overall Winner will receive $250
cash, and one year TAXI and SAW memberships. The Young Artist Award Winner
will receive $200 cash and runners-up for this award will receive prizes
donated by several local sponsors.

This event is open to the public with a general admission fee of $5.

For more information about the Songwriters’ Association of Washington, visit
www.saw.org or call (301) 654-8434.

"If I Had a Hammer"
A benefit concert for Habitat For Humanity’s Hurricane
Relief Effort

Featuring Billy Coulter with performances by special guest artists

Saturday, November 19th • 9pm
$6.00 per person/Two for $10.00
All cover charge proceeds go to Habitat’s "Operation
Home Delivery" fund.
For more information please visit:

Half Moon BBQ
8235 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Grand Prize Winners
In John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer have just received yet another prestigious award. Their song, “Scat like That”, the title song of their new CD, is a Grand Prize Winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Children’s category. The Big Band call and response song sets the tone for a wonderful world of music and wordplay that encourages literacy skills and motivation. The John Lennon Songwriting Contest is an international songwriting contest that began in 1997. The Contest is open to amateur and professional songwriters who submit entries in any one of 12 categories. Over 10,000 songs are submitted to the contest. www.jlsc.com.
You can hear a clip of the song or learn more about the CD, “Scat Like That” at www.cathymarcy.com .

The duo has also just received a nomination for XM Kids Artist of the Year. Cathy & Marcy’s music will be a featured part of the XMK Nation Awards event in November on XM Satellite Radio.

New Releases

Janine Wilson releases her second CD (with the assistance of her friends at BOS Music),
Save Me From Myself. This release finds Wilson growing bolder still, expanding her stylistic
repertoire to include grittier roots rock, alt.country, R&B and even a little traditional country-
and-western twang. Featuring new original material interspersed with covers by such varied
artists as Melissa Manchester and Bruce Springsteen, Wilson weaves tales of love, heartache
(and more than a little mischief) that will surely please her existing fans while garnering legions
more. Special guests include Eric Brace, Mark Wenner, Tommy Lepson, Ruthie Logsdon,
Michelle Walker and Kevin McKendree. www.janinewilsonband.com.

Bill Kirchen is currently in London recording his new CD for Proper Records, with Nick Lowe
on bass, Geraint Watkins and Austin deLone on keyboards, Bobby Irwin on drums, and Paul
Bassman Riley producing.

Meanwhile, as we anxiously await the arrival of the latest all new album, an excellent retrospective
CD has just been release by HighTone Records - Bill Kirchen, King of Dieselbilly - It is made up of
selections from their Kirchen catalogue of what they call the rockingest Bill Kirchen ever, and it
includes Hot Rod Lincoln live, as well as Hot Rod Lincoln by the Twangbangers as a bonus cut.

Local Notes

* The "Come To Washington" cd by Lincoln Ross has been released and is available for sale.
Produced by emmy award-winning tv producer Ray Farkas. www.lincolnross.com

* Changamire was honored by Washington, DC Mayor Anthony Williams for her contribution to
DC's art community as one of the winners of the 2006 Artist Fellowship Award.
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